Hi everyone,

We are very proud to announce right here at CraftyTart we will be finding out who New Zealand’s Top Trend Scrapper will be! :D

Over the next six weeks we will be setting a weekly challenge focusing on the current top trends in scrapbooking!
Each week a new trend will be demonstrated by the design team and the challenge will be set to see how you can best use that new trend/technique in your layouts!

This is a fabulous challenge for all scrapbookers at all levels who want to try something new or for those who further want to perfect their hot trend techniques.

Each week the challenge will be set on Friday and you will have until midnight on the following Thursday to upload your work to the NZ’s Top Trend Scrapper gallery. The first challenge will be starting next week on the 8th of May.

The person who receives the most votes by the CraftyTart team each week will receive a prize. The person who receives the most votes over the 6 week period for all of their layouts will receive a GRAND prize ! Their will also be 2nd and 3rd place consolation prizes ! :D

There will also be a prize for the most improved scrapbooker as well! :D :D

So sign up now to take part !

Good luck!


Hi Everyone, last month I received an awesome and I mean awesome box of product from Kate & Mike from Crafty Tart.  Here are my first 4 layouts.  I have more layouts, cards and OTP in the process but with the events of this month am a little bit behind.

Dsc04791 by you.

Dsc04790 by you.

Dsc04789 by you.

Dsc04788 by you.

All of these amazing products are available at www.craftytart.com

I will be uploading the rest of my DT work by the end of the week.

Also be on the watch over at Crafty Tart as Kate has a huge surprise coming.  I suggest everyone go over and if you haven’t already registered go ahead and register.

Also before I go Thank you sooo much for all your amazing support.

That is how I am feeling at the moment…Most of you may know that a week ago a very dear friend of mine passed away after an amazing courgaious and heroic fight with cancer….Lisa was and is the most amazing person you could ever wish to be hourned to have in your life…

I spent most of last week keeping myself busy by baking and playing Mother Hen with everyone…I find that when things like this happen I turn into Mother hen with a wooden spoon and mixing bowl always within reach…I was also able to spend time with Lisa when she came home to her sisters house for the days before the funeral…This I will always be grateful for as after days of denial on Friday night I was able to say my good byes and tell her that i will always miss her properly.

On Friday i received a telephone call from the celebrant saying that Ian had asked if i would speak on behalf of the Treasures parenting forum…I was very honoured.  Along with this Ian had also asked me to help out organising the food and everything for afterwards…Everyone seemed to know that I needed to keep busy.  We had close friends of Lisa’s – Tamara her husband Hayden and amazing kids Toby and Jayda come and stay with us Friday through to Sunday and David got on with them like a house on fire…I will have a seperate post about that tomorrow.

Saturday Richard and Hayden took the 2 boys out to Chipmunks in puke and after going to Manukau Tamara and I headed to the School hall to start seting up for after the Funeral.  We drove down our Drive way to find our front doors open…i knew Richard wouldn’t be home as 5 mins before he had been in Puke.  OMG our double wooden doors had been kicked and jimmed in and our big TV was gone.  Luckly nothing else was taken but OMG I never ever want that feeling again.  I filed a report with the Police over the phone and Richard and our neighbour have boarded up our front door and now we are just waiting to hear from the police.  Everything else was still there thankfully…

2 Hours latter it was off to a very memorable Funeral…I was nervous about my speech but I think i did pretty well and now have had a photo of Lisa and I emailed to me so with that along with my speech i will be working on a very special layout this week.

Off to the hall and some of Lisa’s cousin had done 2 muttons and 7 chickens on the spit and their dad had made the most amazing raw fish…It was sooo good…That along with 4-5 tables of other snacks and everyone was well fed.  David found a little battery powered ride on car and he had so much fun driving around the school hall visiting and saying Hi to everyone.  Lisa would have loved it as kids were her life…he ended the night hanging out with the St John’s junior leaders and having a blast…here was a 3 year old having the best time hanging out with 15-19 year olds and they just loved him.