I can officially tell you

March 16, 2009

all now that I am now officially a Crafty Tart.  Kate & Michael at Crafty Tart have asked me to be part of their Design Team at Crafty Tart…We have a wonderful team….Hannah, Dallas, Lynne and myself…Way to go girls…Going to be so much fun.  So if you haven’t already been to the blog/forum/shop head on over to www.craftytart.com and have a look.  mmmm got to work on doing links.  We will be setting our first challenge on Friday…

Wahoo I am so excited beyond words….I have been having to keep this secret for a little while now and have been bursting to tell everyone.


13 Responses to “I can officially tell you”

  1. mummymoo said

    WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO honey that is so freakin cool – I am totally excited for you – YAY AWESOME – cant wait to see your work xoxo

  2. Yvette said

    Wahoo, so exciting and so hard to keep the secret eh?

  3. Mel said

    How cool, Debbie – that’s awesome news. Be proud!

  4. Hannah said

    I am really looking forward to working with you and seeing a lot more of your scrapbooking! Are you going to share the layouts/projects that you submitted for the DT call? I’ve heard so much about this altered pan, I can’t wait to see it!!

  5. harbourgal said

    Congratulations from me too Debbie… wow and altered pan!! Now I would love to see that.

  6. Congratulations!!! I knew you could do it huneeee!! You’re going to rock those kits – I just know it!

  7. Trace said

    Congrats Deb – what wonderful news – am looking foward to seeing your creations.

  8. Christi said

    Yay, Debbie!!!! What HUGE news!!! Congrats and most deserved 😉

  9. Vicki said

    Congratulations Debbie – that is such awesome news.

  10. carol said

    Congrats on becomeing a “Crafty Tart” Love your pan,most cool

  11. janine said

    Congrats Debs on your appointment to the team. Love your work in the piost above, love the colours of the pan and what you did with it.

  12. Heidi said

    Congrats Debbie, love love the projects you completed, awesome chickie

  13. rowanz said

    Yay Debs doing the happy dance for you!

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