OMG it’s March already!

March 1, 2009

I truley can’t believe that it is March already!  I have been sick most of the last 10 days with a tummy bug/food poisoning (still not 100% sure what) to start off with then a day feeling so great and then a total headcold which i am pleased to say I fought and won it going into my chest…Yay for FIL’s homepathic remedies.

It has been a very busy past month…February 14th my little man turned 3.  OMG I can’t believe how fast he is growing…We had a farm yard party the next day which was awesome and I will post pics of this tomorrow.  David is just loving, loving is animals at the moment. 

I have been busy organising 2 card drives.  One for my friend Lisa who is fighting a very brave battle with cancer and then also one for the Victims and Families of the Victorian Bush Fires.  The amazing responce from around NZ has been so amazing and will take a pic tomorrow of all the cards received so far…Thank you so much everyone…I also have a wonderful card maker/Scrapbooker in the USA who has steped up wholeheartldly wanting to help as well so will be running her own card drive and then will send these cards over to me….She is amazing.

I have also been working on quite a bit of Scrapbooking which unfortunatly I can’t show you at the moment but hopefully soon.

Today David, Richard and I headed out to the Farm Day out at a Clevedon Farm.  We ended up being the first ones out there…We walked about 3km around the farm and our awesome little man walked a good half of that so after a quick stop for a horse ride and for me to get some supplies at the Farmers Market it was home for a rest then lunch and nap time…David had his photo taken a bit and we have been told to keep an eye out for them on the Farm Day website…

Well must be off but will update tomorrow wit lots of photos.


7 Responses to “OMG it’s March already!”

  1. Trace said

    Sounds like a great day out Deb.

  2. Hannah said

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been so unwell, Deb. I’m glad you are feeling better now though.
    A very happy belated birthday to David! Wow, he’s 3 already! It seems like not so long ago you were posting about him turning 1.
    It sounds like a lovely day out at the farm 🙂

  3. Penny said

    There has been a bug going round.. we got it in Feb too.

    Happy belated birthday to the 3 year old!

  4. Mrs Frizz said

    March has rolled around already … time stands still for no-one … but it truly somes seem to be going faster these days.

    Happy birthday for the wee fella.

  5. mummymoo said

    Happy Birthday Mr D wow three already !!! Sounds like you had fab days at the farms, sorry to hear you have been sick honey, you need to take care of you to sometimes okay!!!! Or else hee hee !!!!

    Love ya – you know that
    (PS loving the new background)

  6. Sally said

    Hi Debbie

    are you still looking for cards for the people affected by the bushfires?

    I’m going to a stamping day today and was planning on making some to send to you. Hope it’s not too late.


  7. Jane said

    So glad to hear your on the mend and that Davids party was such a success.

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