Congratulations & a Big Thank You!

January 18, 2009

Firstly a big thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments – def inspired me to work more on my scrapping this week….

Secondly the Prize Winners….

The Paper/Cardstock Pack goes to Jane

I actually have 4 small Prize Packs to give away and they go to



Bev C

Mrs Frizz

If you can please just email me with your addresses that would be wonderful…I have Annelie’s but unfortunatly Jane and Hannah I have misplaced my Address Book….

Have a great week everyone!


8 Responses to “Congratulations & a Big Thank You!”

  1. Hannah said

    Oh, thanks! What a nice surprise. I will email you with my address.

  2. fifiscrapz said

    Thanks Debbie sure is a nice surprise -hope you are having a great day

  3. swewi said

    Aren’t you just the SWEEEEETEST thing!!!


  4. Trace said

    Nothing like positive feedback to help the ole mojo along!

  5. Jane said

    Wow Thankyou Debs just the boost I needed to get me going again you are a love.

  6. Janine said

    sounds like you have had a busy few weeks there Debs. Richard sounds like he has been a man on a mission with all that DYI stuff. From the sounds of it your nephew has had a ball staying with you all.

  7. mandyb said

    well done everyone….. love all those layouts debs… very cool… as for your week in action…. gosh I am tired reading it all!!!!! sounds fun

  8. Mrs Frizz said

    I just spied this … it’s been a while since I visited … naughty me!!!

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