Saturday – Week Recap!

January 16, 2009

Morning everyone…I have decided that I am going to try and do a Week Recap every Saturday…

Well it has def been a busy and eventful fun week…I love going to places with an older child as it is great to see it through their eyes.

On Sunday Jono was dropped off by his mum, dad and 2 sisters…After David’s nap the 3 boys headed over next door for a swim in the pool and then it was BBQ Dinner time and a nice relaxing evening.

On Monday we caught the bus up to Manukau and walked down to Spotlight and then the Warehouse to get some supplies for some projects this week.  It was then back off to Manukau where Jono found some books and a little back pack he just loved called Zac Power and by Thursday had read all of the books.  A few groceries along with a toothbrush that said 9 year old accidently left at home then home for lunch…The afternoon was spent doing some housework while Jono made book marks for his family and then started on his scrapbook.  We then made Macaroni cheese for dinner.

Tuesday we caught the train into town and then a bus and went to Kelly Tarltons.  We had heaps of fun seeing all the fish and the penguins and it was great seeing it through a 9 year olds eyes.  Jono purchased a Fluffy Penguin Keyring who then proceeded to visit everywhere with us for the rest of the week.  Then bus back into town and a train back south.  Richard was working on our back deck and retaining walls at home for the day so picked us up…

Wednesday was a quiet morning and then Richard and Jono headed out to Treasure Island Mini Golf out by Auckland Airport and then dropped me at Manukau in the process to run some erands.  After Jono got home he worked on more on his daily Scrapbook…

Thursday after dropping David at daycare Richard dropped us off in Grafton and we walked through the domain up to the Museum.  We got there early but it was nice to sit on the Museum steps and look out over the city on such a nice day.  Just a hint if you take back packs with you even if they are small you have to hand them in so next time i will be taking a handbag as I had to carry camera and wallet around and was so councsious that i might put them down and forget them….We then spent nearly 2 hours walking around the museum and also went and saw the Sue the T Rex exibit.  Then a bus into town from Parnell and lunch with Richard and then home.

Yesterday Richard dropped us off to Botany Town centre and we got some photos processed at Harvey Normans and then it was off to the Berkley Cinemas at Botany to watch Bolt in 3D…It was great even though we accidently went into the wrong cinema at first during the middle of Madegasga 2 and didn’t realise it wasn’t a preview until i looked at the cinema number on the tickets and quickly checked the number outside…Ooops…Then off grocery shopping and then home.

Richard and David have dropped Jono back in Hamilton this morning.

I have uploaded Piccasa 3 and been having lots of fun working on photos.  Here is a look in pictures of our week.

Jono's Jan 2009 Visit9 by you.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone…Just working on housework and will do a little scrapping this afternoon.  Actually looking forward to a week this coming week of nothing planned…David at Daycare and Richard at work and me catching up on everything.

Also just before I go.  On Sunday Night I will be drawing a name out of the hat of people that have left comments this weekend and sending them a prize pack…I have been going through things and have a pack of 20 sheets of cool paper and 20 sheets of cool cardstock to send to the lucky winner.


9 Responses to “Saturday – Week Recap!”

  1. Mich said

    Wow – you have packed alot into the past week!
    Love the photo collage, was just playing with Picasa and taught myself how to do those last night! Question though – how do you get the white border round each photo?

  2. Yvette said

    It sounds like you have had fantastic week having an older boy around. It might have given you an insight into your future with David too…lots of fun.

  3. Trace said

    WOW Deb, that was a busy week – looks like a lot of fun!

  4. swewi said

    Sounds like a great week Debbie. I can’t wait ’til I’m fit to be out and about again!!


  5. Hannah said

    Wow, what a busy but fun-filled week!! Jono certainly got to experience a lot of fun stuff during his stay with you guys, you must be the best Aunty & Uncle around! Love all the photos.

  6. What a great week Debbie and cool idea having a diary blog of the week

  7. Mrs Frizz said

    Great looking photo collage …Picasa 3 is a new play tool for me as well. Sometimes a little frustrating … but that’s technology for you until you know what you are doing. Have fun!

  8. Jane said

    Jono Is one lucky boy so much to see and what a lovely looking boy too Debs.
    I am off to check out picasa 3 have a great weekend…oxox

  9. Angela said

    Looks like everyone is having a go with Picassa 3! I just don’t seem to get the loading of files into the program itself, and the files etc, quite like the system I have already, however love making the collages too, have some ready to print.

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