Hardworking husband, Cupcakes & Roses!

January 11, 2009

Well, over the last week my darling husband has been hard at work putting up the following gate with the help of our neighbour…We had been wanting to close off part of the back yard as it was David could run from the back to the front of the property and I wouldn’t know where he was.



They have also been working on retaing walls, boarding up underneath the deck, and the other end of the closed off back yard.  So proud of him and this is something that he normally doesn’t do as he normally works behind a desk or with computers.

Monday Kita was over and we made cupcakes and she just loved decorating them.



Also on Saturday Richard and David brought me some beautiful yellow roses.


This morning our nephew arrived and we have a busy week planned…

Tomorrow – off to Spotlight and the Warehouse and the Libary

Tuesday – possibly Mini Golf with Richard

Wednesday – Musuem

Thursday – Unknown but maybe Kelly Tarltons

Friday – if he is good all week off to he Movies.

We are also going to keep and make a scrapbook of his trip here.  Richard and Jono are currently watching over the hedge and then the 3 boys are off for a swim before we have a BBQ.

I am also working on some OTP projects and also a small project that I am working on for Richard for Valentine’s Day.  I have also been working on some ideas for David’s Birthday Party!

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend.


7 Responses to “Hardworking husband, Cupcakes & Roses!”

  1. Alison said

    The fence looks great. We did the same thing at our old house so that i knew the boys were either at the back of the house or the front, was best thing we did. Those cupcakes look very yummy.

  2. spgettie said

    Your hubby sounds like mine, normally behind a computer, not so good with the ‘manly’stuff. LOL. Good on him for getting out there adn doing it!
    Lovely cupcakes! And 10 brownie points for Richard and David for the beautiful roses!

  3. Trace said

    Good on Richard for getting stuck into something that’s not usually his cup of tea. Hope you have a fun weekend out with your nephew – the museum is great we were there last week.

  4. Hannah said

    Richard did a good job, it looks very professional. Peace of mind for you now, knowing David is safe outside and can’t get onto the road.
    Sounds like a VERY busy week you have planned! Hope you enjoy it and don’t get too tired 🙂

  5. Penny said

    Great Job Richard! My hubster is also not so keen on the “man” jobs but at least he can fix the computer when it crashes 😉

  6. Tanya W said

    that fence looks great alright…and those cupcakes look so yummmy

  7. Mel said

    Yes my DH is not a handyman at all so any little handy job is a major triumph. The special table on castors he built for Elliot’s Warhammer models will be a family heirloom!

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