Ouch it’s hot!

January 8, 2009

I can’t believe how hot it is this afternoon.  Our HRV system is saying that it is 28C in the house and 61 in the roof…Def a dip in the pool for David when he gets home from Daycare.

What have we been up to?  Well Tuesday after dropping David at Daycare we headed out to the Clevedon Cafe for Brunch…It was sooo yummy and thanks Trace for the suggestion…then off for fresh fruit and veges and then home and housework…

Yesterday was just chores around the house, worked on some ideas for David’s Birthday Party.  I can’t belive that my baby is going to be 3 in just over a month. Richard and our neighbour working next door…Last night they also worked on our retaining walls after 7.30 while it was cool!

This morning Grocery Shopping and just enjoyed the lovely coolness in the supermarket…Then we had a visit from the wonderful Louise and Joshie…Louise it was so awesome to see you and thank you so much for the wonderful pressies…I am in Prima & chocolate heaven.

Richard has just got home from buying more wood for even more work that he is doing around the outside of the house…so proud of everything that he is doing.

While it is cool tomorrow morning I am going to get ontop of the house work and then spend the day Scrapping…I have some great ideas in my head…I am also making a Kaiser Castle Album for David’s friend’s 3rd Birthday and also working on some canvass for our bedroom…

Have a great one everyone.

4 Responses to “Ouch it’s hot!”

  1. Penny said

    I’m in an air conditioned building so I have my cardy on!

  2. Trace said

    Yep, this would have to be one of our hottest days – have just spent three hours in the pool so look like a prune, but oh so cool! Glad you enjoyed the cafe.

  3. mandyb said

    yip hot in wellington too…. 30+ deg in my house…. no complain though as meant to be wet tomorrow…. sounds busy at your place at the mo… hive of activity

  4. Hannah said

    Sure was hot today alright. But so beautiful. This is what NZ summers are made of! Sounds like you guys are making the most of the holidays!

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