Busy Week coming!

January 4, 2009

Evening everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!  I know there are some people out there that can’t believe that it is over already and have to head back to work tomorrow.

 Going to be  busy week in our house.  David is back at Daycare tomorrow and truley is so excited and can’t wait.  Tomorrow morning I have Lisa’s daughter over for the morning Baking, then have a pile of scrapping that I am wanting and needing to do tomorrow afternoon.  Tuesday dawns Richard and mine 2nd Wedding Anniversary!  Off our for Brunch and then looking for a Big Boy Bed for David.

Other chores and jobs through out the week and then on Sunday our nephew comes up from Hamilton for 6 nights.  He is a very very cool 9 year old.  We are going to do lots of crafts that he loves, cook, go to the T Rex Exibit at the Musuem, Ferry Rides, Kelly Tarltons and a Boys Day with his uncle that is including Mini Golf.

So this week i will be planning for his visit and also have some gifts to make, a scraproom to totally reorganise and lots of house work. Richard also has this week off and wants to do lots of jobs outside.  He has already been out and purchased supplies to start the first gate/walls around the back of our house.  I will take pics tomorrow.!

Remmeber if you are back at work tomorrow – try and get outside in the sun for lunch as it will totally rejuivnate you!


6 Responses to “Busy Week coming!”

  1. Hannah said

    Sounds like a very busy week, Deb!
    Yes, I’m back to work tomorrow, but I can’t really complain since working at home is not really the same as working in the office! I can take a break whenever I want and even join my boys for a swim 😉 Plus, I’m looking forward to my proper summer holiday at the end of January.

    Enjoy your week, especially your Anniversary on Tuesday!

  2. janine said

    Those photos of David look cute. Wow you do have a busy week ahead of you and then the following week sounds like you will have a blast with your nephew. On that note I should do my nails and work out what I am going to wear to work. Enjoy yoru week ahead.

  3. Trace said

    Love the photos of Richard and David in the pool – great hippo, bet he gets some great use out of that. Bet you have fun out with your nephew!

  4. mandyb said

    wowsa what a week you have a head of you… hope you all get those jobs done and then take time out to relax and enjoy your anniversary!!

  5. Penny said

    Catching up on your blog after being off line for a bit – love the new banner – very cheerful 🙂 Happy new year Debs – may it bring all you hope.

  6. Erica J said

    Hi there Debbie, just popping in I am one of the members of Trina’s RAKgroup thought I’d pop on over and say hello. Your little boy is just gorgeous!!!
    Cheers Erica J

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