Muggyness & Hippo!

January 2, 2009

Afternoon everyone!  I know everyone in Auckland will agree with me about the Muggyness that we are all expereincing today!  Wow, what a warm night last night was!

Well, we never made it to the beach today as 40 mins before Richard went off call we got a Page so after breakfast headed up to Albany and then had lunch and did some shopping at the mall!

Then home and David having a nap and Richard and I just catching up on some small things.

Hippo?  Well Hippo is a Blow Up Pool Toy for David to sit in and was brought to him at Christmas by Santa and OMG what a blast he and Daddy had with it last night after dinner.  Our neighbour who has a couple of acres next to us and never uses his pool much has said that we can use it when ever and how ever often we like so the boys headed over after dinner last night.  Will take a pic of David with it and post!

The Boys are off for a Boys morning tomorrow – I think David is really craving alone time with Daddy so not sure what they will do but I know they will have fun!  I think I will sit down and do some more scrapping tomorrow morning while they are out.

Lisa’s daughter is coming over on Monday morning for  Baking morning and then on Tuesday it is Mine and Richard’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary and Richard has the week off.  So after we have dropped David at Daycare it will be off out for Brunch somewhere.

Well, must be off and cut some of our Ham on the Bone into Ham Steaks as we are doing those on the BBQ tonight along with Field Mushrooms with a wonderful Capsicum Butter that Richard makes and streaky bacon wrapped Asaparagus, Salad and new potatoes from our neightbour.  Before I do dash though our nearly 3 year old has decided that dining alfresco for dinner is just the best and off he goes and sets the table for us outside each night.

Have a great night!


3 Responses to “Muggyness & Hippo!”

  1. Hannah said

    Yep, it sure was HOT last night! I don’t mind the heat, but the humidity gets to me after awhile. We’ve just come back from a swim and the water was so refreshing. At least the rain from this morning has vanished!
    Great that you are able to use the neighbour’s pool, I’m sure David will enjoy that.
    Have a lovely day and enjoy your dinner, it sounds delicious!

  2. janine said

    Happy New Year Debbie. Love the new look on your blog. Love your words and seriously Aby Garvey runs some good courses online for organizing and I can highly recommend them. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and Richard as well. Enjoy your brunch out.

  3. Trace said

    yep, it’s so muggy alright, not enjoying that at all! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both – there’s a nice cafe out at Clevedon…

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