Cleaning Day!

December 7, 2008

Today is a Cleaning day for me!  I am trying to get more and more organised!  I already have 2 loads of washing on the line with another load in the washing machine!  Our bed made and tidied just need to vacumn and then do all 3 bathrooms and then vacumn and a rough tidy of David’s room and then hit the open plan dining, living and kitchen areas!

This past weekend was great!  After a Pankcake breakfast on Saturday morning the 3 of us headed out to Botany and went to the Warehouse and got Sparemint leaves and a few other things, T&T for more shorts for David.  With all this wonderful weather Daycare are doing lots of water play and so we have to send 2-3 changes of clothes each day!  Then it was off to Harvey Normans to pick up David’s Christmas Photo! I am going to do a layout and then upload that to my blog and you will all see it then!  Then it was off home via the Sushi Place to get sushi for my lunch and then home and working on some jobs around the house…it was such a nice night we had dinner outside on the back deck!

Yesterday we headed up to Manukau and then to the libary!  David just loves and really looks forward to going to the libary each week!  Then home and some water play and filling up the large clam shells with water for playing in after nap time.  I then spent the afternoon scrapping and then another lovely dinner outside on the deck after David had a blast in the water!

Good luck to everyone who has entered the Scrappin Patch Design Team call!  Can’t wait to hear who they have chosen!

Big hugs to Lisa who isn’t feeling the best at all at the moment…Love ya babe!  Making some dinners this afternoon for her husband to pick up for some of their meals this week! 

I also got out some fejoa puree of the freezer and going to make some fejoa and ginger loaves!

Yay, all but about 6 I have sent out all our Christmas Cards!  Still haven’t put up our Christmas Tree yet but want to get that all done before I head down to Queenstown!


6 Responses to “Cleaning Day!”

  1. Hannah said

    Sounds like a busy but fun weekend – and a busy cleaning day today 🙂

  2. Penny said

    Busy! Enjoy your cleaning hee hee. 🙂

  3. mandy blake said

    wowsa it sure is a busy time in your household…. love having dinner outside when the nights are warm…. mmmmm

  4. janine said

    sounds like a productive day Debs. Your weekend sounded pretty relaxing.

  5. Vicki said

    You want to come and do mine while you are at it? LOL. We have been having tea outside too – just love summer.

  6. Trace said

    No mean feat cleaning your house Deb, it’s huge! Lovely time of the year to be having dinner out on the deck. Love that David’s having such a wonderful time with all the water play at daycare. Have a neat time down in Queenstown won’t you!

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