A Month since my last post!

December 3, 2008

The last month has just flown by and everything seems to be blending into one.

I have gotten all of David’s pressies and for all the kids except one that we need to buy for beit that some of them are still on layby!  Working on making some other gifts for my mum and mother in law!  Have no idea as always what to get Richard.

My hayfever is driving me up the wall!  Worse than any other year this year.  Woke up this morning wanting to scratch not just my eyes, nose and throat out but even my ears!  Been to the docs and along with Telfast also have now got a nose spray and eye drops!

I need to put some more things onto Trade Me this week to sell.

I am off to Queenstown on Dec 13th for 3 and a bit days to meet the wonderful Adam from JAG Air who was our Dream Maker and you will all have seen on Close Up for Lisa’s Weekend of a Life Time!   I am luckly to be there when he has a few days off so it will be great to finally meet in person as we have become quite good friends!

David is now at daycare 5 days a week until the new year and they are hoping a full time position will be available for him then!  It is doing him wonders being there that extra day and the teachers have mentioned a few other words that i didn’t know that he has started trying to say!  Also it was a little boy ben’s birthday yesterday and they had cake in the afternoon and i asked david “who’s birthday was it today” and he said “Beeeee” which is awesome he was def trying to say ben but just with out a n on the end but you could def tell he wasn’t trying to say bee if that makes any sense. 

We have also had 2 different teachers on 2 different days comment how when the parents start to arrive in the afternoons that he knows just what parents belong to which kids and which bag belongs to each kid and goes and gets their bags and points to the area where all the kids notes etc are kept for the parents to get them!

Well, must be off but going to try and blog again this week!


6 Responses to “A Month since my last post!”

  1. Penny said

    Glad David is responding so well to daycare 🙂

    That privet stuff is flowering at present – I bet that doesn’t help!

  2. janine said

    sounds like David has settled well into daycare and is going from strength to strength. Enjoy your trip away on the 13th.

  3. Yay for David! sounds like you’ve been really busy hon – must catch up – I miss you!

  4. Hannah said

    My hayfever has been awful too, I spent all day yesterday with streaming eyes and nose, at least my eyes have settled down today but my nose is still runny. No medication works for mine, I have tried almost everything! I hope yours gives some relief.

    Sounds like David is doing really well at daycare. Wow, 5 days! That will give you alot of free time, huh? 😉

    I hope you enjoy your time in Queenstown, sounds like fun.

  5. Hannah said

    Hey, thanks for the mini catalogue & Christmas card which arrived yesterday 🙂

  6. Alison said

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and started blogging so the in laws coudl keep up with my growing boys and keep in touch with what we are up to. i dont let go as much as i would like to on my blog as Im aware that anyone can read it, but I do agree its a great place to put down what your thinking.

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