Don’t look back!

November 4, 2008

On Monday morning Lisa and I were out at Botany after going for a wonderful long walk around the gardens and read the following on the wall of the Robert Harris and it really spoke to both of us.

Don’’t look back storm ahead

float ideas get out of your depth

Go with the flow do rather than don’t 

Catch the breeze dip your toe in part of the next wave 

Best foot forward

break through swim don’t sink

Stay on course believe ups follow downs

Make ripples not waves

Opportunities are boundless

enjoy life enjoy the view clear clouds with smiles stay calm

Make waves

be buoyant laugh live enjoy think deep

Sound out ideas dive in 

Let your heart swell

leap right in and make splash  Rock the boat ride crest of the wave

I will write up a longer Whoo Hoot post latter today but I thought this deserved it’s own post!