Whoo Hoot Monday!

October 20, 2008

Yes I know I’m 5 days latter but oh well better late than never!  Lots to Whoo Hoot and share today and will hopefully share more on Wednesday!

Firstly I want to share 2 of my fav photos at the moment!  David is just loving hamering it up for the camera at the moment!  I will take a pic and then he’s like “more” so I take another 1 and there it goes again “more” and so it goes on but I love it!  This first pic was taken last week in the kitchen on one of our bar stools!  We have big bench tops and he has taken to loving sitting up on the stool helping or just hanging out with us….I didn’t get him to pose like this he just did!

Cutie 1

This next photo is a photo of him at the Brookby School Ag Day on Saturday!  He loved it and wanted to keep going in the show rings with all the animals!

Cutie 2

What else?  Yay less than 2 weeks until the Sketchbook retreat!  Yay am so excited and can’t wait!  Have started to get page kits together!

Last Wednesday Richard and I went to the Phantom!  We had booked way back in early May to go!  We had 1 of the wonderful girls from david’s daycare babysit and he loved it except for the part at first when mummy and daddy had to leave!  If you get the chance to go it is awesome!  Also it was mentioned in their programme that Starlight Express is going to be here in July/August next year at the Vector Areana!  OMG I can’t wait!

I also got my Sex in The City Movie DVD as well!  Can’t wait to watch that again!

Well best be off and take care everyone!