Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

September 30, 2008

Well, I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already!  David has been off Daycare since Thursday!  He had a slight tempreture before bed on Wednesday night so gave him some Pamol and then he woke up at 6am thursday with a temp that went up so went to Docs first thing and turns out they thought he had tonsilitis so home to chil and relax.  Sunday decided to take him back just to see how he was going and he had also got a few spots…didn’t look like chicken pox but just wanted to be sure…The doc found some spots on the bottom of his feet especially near his heal and then a few on his hands etc and said it could be 1 of 3 things whcih after going back that night and then the next morning to check the progress of the spots our GP on monday said it def looked like hand, foot and mouth which luckly has nothing to do with Foot and Mouth!  Having done some research it is viral and isn’t strange for pre-schoolers, kindy, daycare kids to pick it up as highly contagious and normally around summer/early autumn so his cough and stuff is coming right and just have to wait for spots to clear before going back to Daycare.  We haven’t had a temp since Friday and touch wood his cough is sounding more dry and not mucusy (sorry for tmi) and no new spots and the ones he had were fading!  He has been a little trooper though and I think i know his 2 fav Wiggles Dvd’s and his new Jojo’s circus dvd’s really well.  Along with DVD’s we have been having little picnics, reading lots. 

Now onto Whoo Hoots

– Raising so much money over the weekend on my Trade Me Auctions for Lisa – you are all so amazing.

– Now when David wants something he points to himself

– A new word which is “more’

– Having mostly fine weather the last week!

– Richard finding some boxes of things that the packers had put into a very far corner near his fish tanks and finding things we thought were lost from the move int here.  Now not finding a box in our garage after over a year to some of you may sound strange but our garaging here is the same size as our house and garage at our old house!

– Ordering one of the new Kit of the Months – Becky’s baby Album to use for David’s first year!

– Making Marmelade for the first time this week even though it didn’t set and we had to put it back in yesterday with some pectin to redo!  It now looks like an amber colour!

– Finding inventive ways to use eggs and trying out new recipies as we now get 4 eggs a day so 28 a week!

– Getting an email from Snapfish NZ today to say that they have .1c prints to a max of 50 prints for the next 7 days if you enter NEWCENTNZ.  Promotion until midnight 07th October!  Off to order some prints for the retreat!

Well must be off and will start posting a recipie a day that I am trying out if anyone is interested!


7 Responses to “Whoo Hoot Wednesday!”

  1. mandyb said

    great list….. gotta love the things kids catch from other kids too…. hope he gets better soon…. as for the weather – we have sun here today so the washing is going out!!!!!!!

  2. Trace said

    Good ole hand, foot and mouth, oh well at least they don’t get too sick with it! Has he had chicken pox Deb? That usually hits around Christmas and Easter – it must pick on the holidays I think LOL! Well done you on the fundraising for Lisa.

  3. Hannah said

    When you said he had spots on his heels & hands I immediately thought of hand foot & mouth. My boys haven’t had it but my neice and nephews have, and it’s certainly pretty common around daycare, etc. Hopefully he’s feeling better soon.

    Great job raising all the money for Lisa!

  4. Penny said

    oooo eggs. yum. baked custard? easy on David’s mouth if he’s got spots there.

    Good news about the fund raising!

  5. mummymoo said

    What cool wahoots, and yep that hand foot and mouth thing went around our coffee group but touch wood we managed to avoid it this time, awesome job on all the fund raising well done it is going super well !! and I LOVE your new DO 🙂

    Wow for all the eggs what good girls you have, pavolva maybe that always uses heaps of eggs

    and WTG david you are doing so awesome with your new words that is so cool!!!!

  6. janine said

    Great list there Debs and wow at 28 eggs a week, thats so impressive. Good that David is saying new words, glad to read he is now feeling better. Yip got that Snapfish email and thought hmmm might have to get a pile printed.

  7. Hope David is feeling better now – doesn’t sound very nice. I am so lucky that Aurelia has had hardly any illnesses; she is obviously hardy like her mother! (Touch wood!!) 28 eggs a week … that is really a lot. Wish I had known about that Snapfish thing…that’s what happens when you don’t get on the computer for a week or so.

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