Well the head has been shaved!

September 28, 2008

Yep, yesterday the head was shaved and I now have a number 1 all over for fundraising for Lisa’s Bucket List.  Please excuse how i look in the front on photo richard just came up to me and said i’m taking a pic so was a bit surprised!

shaved 2

then the scary one

Shaved 1

Thank you to everyone for everything you have been doing to help this weekend!  Can’t wait to see how much we have raised tomorrow!


10 Responses to “Well the head has been shaved!”

  1. Jane said

    Babe you look beautiful well done darling you are such a treasure its an honour to be your friend………..
    Lots of love Jane

  2. Trace said

    Be nice and cool for summer Deb!

  3. Vicki said

    Whoo hoo go you!!

  4. Lynda said

    You go girl.You are such a good friend.You good Fab with your new do!!

  5. LOL… typical Richard!! good on ya hon… looks like I owe ya $20!!

  6. Penny said

    Wooo – bet that one needs a beanie on! LOL!

    Go you Debs.

  7. Adrienne said

    Well done Deb. Looks stunning!!! Awesome support for your friend 🙂

  8. Wow, Debs, that is so awesome of you!! Has it grown any yet?? I guess I will see tomorrow…

  9. bob said

    your a dike… you are hideous

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