Whoot Hoot Wednesday!

September 23, 2008

Hi Everyone, Well lots to Whoot Hoot about today.

– All the wonderful weather we are having

– Getting time to spend time with Theresa, Grace and the twins at Music last week and tomorrow

– The ever amazing people that are helping me grant wishes at the moment

– Attending Cort’s 1st Birthday party – something i hopped but wasn’t sure would arrive!

– Going out on sunday and David telling me he wanted a “Bun” (que new word) I asked him what sort of bun he wanted and he said “ezzeee bun mumma” translated that’s a cheese bun mummah

– Richard going off call for 2 weeks from Friday.  Still working but not being on call 24/7

– Getting excited about the Sketchbook Retreat!

– Our Vege and Flower Garden taking shape!

– David trying 2 new foods this week – beetroot last night and loving it and asking for demolishing a whole golden kiwi fruit for his breakfast

– David no longer using a Safe T Sleep in Bed

– David only on 1 bottle a day which is before bed

Big big hugs to Louise who broke her foot while at the Gym on Monday – wish I was closser to help out!

Big Birthday to Hannah’s son Tyler who is 4 years old today!

Well best be off and start working on more things!


5 Responses to “Whoot Hoot Wednesday!”

  1. Roo said

    Cool list of happy stuff. Love the ezzee bun mumma

  2. Angela said

    Debs, you are such a sweetie, thinking of everyone else. Pleased to hear David is making progress in his speech, it’ll happen, in his own sweet time!

    Hear you on the vege garden!

  3. Hannah said

    Neat list, Debs!
    Kiwifruit are a big hit in our house, my only wish is that they were more portable! Tyler would eat them at every meal if we let him 😉
    David sounds like he’s doing really well with his talking, I bet he sounds so cute saying “eezzeee bun” 😀

    Thanks for the b’day wishes for Tyler as well.

  4. Penny said

    yay for cheese buns!
    Great list there Debs. 🙂

  5. Trace said

    Great list Deb, and a three word sentence is something to be proud of – so way to go David.

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