Melbourne part 2

September 8, 2008

Hi there Everyone,

Firstly it feels great to be back blogging and getting all your wonderful comments!  Secondly I would suggest heading off to get a nice warm drink if it is as cold as it is here and something to snack on as this is going to be a long post with lots of photos!

Wednesday morning we decided to venture to another mall that we had heard lots about – Richard offered to drop us off on the way but unfortunatly dropped us off at the wrong one – No worries honey…So after venturing into the centre and realising that it wasn’t the 400 plus centre we caught a taxi to Knox City…OMG i loved it!  It was a bit testing at the start as we had david, his pram and car seat…We visited a very newly opened Kikki K which I have been to over here and have fallen in love with….After picking up a few things a lovely lady called Carly offered to put David’s car seat in the back of their shop for us and for us to just pick it up on the way out!  Way to go Carly – It saved the day.

We visited Toys R Us – great job we don’t have one here…While out on the Wednesday we were on a “UB Funky” mission…Still not 100% sure what they do but know they are to do with kids and you attach them to the computer or something…Had a list from SIL to look for…Also looked at lots of other shops and got David a couple more trians for his new love of Thomas and everything trains! 

David seems to have a homing sensor for ride on toys at the different shopping centres and here is one he found that day.

Melbourne 8 by you. 

After spending about 4 hours at this wonderful centre we headed off to an indoor play area i had found only about 10 mins from Richard’s training centre and spent the next 2 hours there…I loved it and so did David!  Just a small one but really great…Also liked that I could order marmite/vegemite sandwiches there for him and they didn’t come with hot chips (more on my gripe about hot chips and kids meals latter)….We were only supposed to be there for about 1 1/4 but our GPS system sent richard to the wrong address so instead of a 10 min drive 1 hr 15 mins latter he arrived just in time for closing to pick us up!

We then ventured off to Fern tree Gully stamps and back to the hotel.

Well Wednesday night we went to try and have a nice civilised dinner just around the corner from the hotel but David wasn’t having a bar of it…As previously mentioned our darling boy’s body clock did not change at all which meant he was waking any where from 4.30am until 6.00am Melbourne time…luckly we managed to get him back to sleep snuggled up with one of us for another hour or so each time so by the time it came to dinner he was over tired and just wanted to run around and test our pacients!  Back to the hotel room and luckly he was able to start winding down with lots of books and then a shower, pj’s and bottle – so tired he fell asleep drinking it and didn’t need one of us to sleep with him until he fell asleep!  We then instead of turning off the lights at 7.30 actually watched tv until about 8.30 as he was totally out to it and the tv wouldn’t wake him up!  next time def a 1 bedroom would be great!

Thursday morning dawned a bit overcast and David and I rugged up and caught a train into the city and then followed the hotels directions walked down to the tram stop – well i carried david in the backpack and pushed the pram and then caught the tram to the zoo..unfortunatly as i was getting off with David on my back trying to carry a folded up pram ( i knew i couldn’t carry him all day and knew he wouldn’t be able to walk everywhere) and going down steap steps off the train i as well slightly twisted my ankle but it wasn’t till the end of the day i really noticed it…

I just love Melbourne Zoo – very very spread out and alot bigger than Auckland Zoo i think.  Though as the weather didn’t look the best we only stayed about 3 hours or so….

David was in heaven and was instant he wanted to see monkeys – He hasn’t got the word monkey yet but was doing his impersanation of a monkey and pointing and it was sooo cute…

Some of the first animals we came across were the girafes which are in an encloser with zebras and emus.

Melbourne 9 by you.

Melbourne 10 by you.

Melbourne 11 by you.

I am just loving all these animal photos that look great that I am getting so going to make a few little mini animal albums as well for David.

Then we ventured off to the Elephant/Orangutan area which is modled as if you were in an Indonesian santury.

Melbourne 13 by you.

Melbourne 12 by you.

I love the following pics of the elephants and monekys…David was in heaven

Melbourne 14 by you.

Melbourne 15 by you.

After this we then headed off to buy lunch – wow, what an expensive lunch – we had just brought a few things for morning and afternoon tea with us….here is David with his lunch – juice, musli bar and a large mixed fruit salad that we shared though he wanted all the 3 different melons and pineapple. Mummy got the strawberries and the odd other bit of fruit…Just loving how much David loves fruit…

Melbourne 17 by you.

Well this post is getting long so will finish up the rest of the post about thursday and our last day in melbourne either latter today or tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Melbourne part 2”

  1. tw said

    Looks like you guys has a ball.

    Always a challenge travelling with littlies, especially in another country. Looks like you have the whole thing sussed. 🙂

  2. mummymoo said

    Oh you so have to being some photos so I can see then, Carl has upload some protection software and it wont upload some photos damn!!!

    Sounds like you had an awesome time tho and I love to see the monkey impersonation by David, so cuteeeee yay you were so brave going and checking out all those places just the two of you, well done that is so awesome, I am soooo proud of you all xoxox

  3. Hannah said

    Great photos, I agree that the zoo ones will make a lovely mini album.
    Sounds like you guys did a fair bit of exploring – well done you, doing it on your own and with prams/backpacks to look after as well as David! Good job.

  4. Trace said

    More cool photos. Isn’t it funny how they can spy a ride on toy a mile away LOL!

  5. Mel said

    Sounds fab – I love Melbourne

  6. Christi said

    Wow, what a fabulous vacation, Debbie! Heaps of fun 😉 My Kamryn loves fruit too like your David 🙂 Lauryn not so much lol. Look forward to the final post 🙂

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