Well it’s been nearly a month and

September 7, 2008

no blogging…But to be perfectly honest, while i have enjoyed reading other’s blogs i really haven’t felt like blogging…Nothing being wrong just haven’t felt like it.

Well about 8 days ago we got back from 6 days in Melbourne…Richard has to go over for Training so back in May I found some cheap seats on Air New Zealand for David and I…Richard’s training course was out in the suburbs so we stayed out in a nearby suburb which was about 25 mins or so by train into the city!  A trip David and I did a few times and he just loved it…I am going to blog about melbourne in 2-3 posts…Be prepared for lots of photos…

On the 24th we had to be at the Airport at 5.45am and omg I was already tired by the time we boarded the plane and took off just before 8.00am…We were lucky enough to be on one of the new refrubished planes so we each had our own individual tv’s which David thought was amazing and they had Playhouse on which was great..Half the time he didn’t even have the earphones on and just watched it…He needed to run around a bit and unfortunatly runs a bit faster than me in confined places and ended up visting a very surprised bunch of people in business class…We landed around 9.30am and by the time we got our Rental car and left the airport it was nearly 11.00am..After a drive to the hotel and a nap for David we had lunch and then drove back into the city to visit the Aquarium…Really the only sighteeing Richard would get to do that week because of his course….Here are the boys at the aquarium (with our friend’s mac pac back pack – our lifesaver while away)

Melbourne 1 by you.

Everyone enjoyed it especially the boys…Incase you didn’t know we have around 15 tanks of tropical fish at our house…

This one’s nearly as big as David

Melbourne 2 by you.

A very exhausted 3 of us then drove back to the nearby shopping centre near the hotel to get supplies and then back for a room service dinner…

David with his Aquarium present – an octupus which is still to be named

Melbourne 3 by you.

The next day David and I just headed off to the nearby shopping centre to relax and look around and David loved all the ride on’s that we found especially the following

Melbourne 5 by you.

After that it was off to Lollipops that we had found for David to wear off some of his energy (don’t know where he gets it as he was on NZ time the whole time we were there)…Unfortunatly he slightly twisted his ankle and then spent the next couple of days slightly limping but it wasn’t going to stop him…

Tuesday – it was off on an early train into the city to go to Queen Victoria Markets..

Melbourne 6 by you.

We had lots of fun and found lots of new things to try like cheeses for Richard and I and some french cookies for David – then off to the Fruit and Vegetable area where David got to choose Morning tea which ended up being a chip of strawberries..

Melbourne 7 by you.

Well, I will hopefully catch up with more tomorrow and then fill you in on our past week here and our father’s day weekend!

Take care!


4 Responses to “Well it’s been nearly a month and”

  1. Hannah said

    Looks like you had a great time in Melbourne! It’s one of my favourite cities. David looks really cute, I love that he chose strawberries for his snack … Tyler loves them too and would choose them over almost anything else if he could (he misses them in winter when they’re not available).
    Look forward to reading more about your trip!
    Hope you guys had a nice Father’s day weekend.

  2. Trace said

    Looks like a lot of fun Deb. Love his octopus!

  3. Vicki said

    Sounds like a great trip with lots of new experiences for David. His octopus is so cute. Look forward to more photos.

  4. Penny said

    Great choice of morning tea!

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