Me Again!

August 4, 2008

Okay everyone, don’t fall over in total utter shock and disbelief, yes it is me again!  Firstly thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Yay the sun is finally out today even if it is off and on!  Every time I go to open a window the rain starts!  I have a bacon and vege soup on to cook in the crockpot and will freeze that in portion sizes!  I didn’t end up making the Lamb Shanks yesterday but will do this next Sunday and have managed to get the oxtail soup so will try it with that!

Yesterday decided to make my own Vegemite and Cheese scrolls with scone dough and they turned out well!  Also tried out a new fish pie receipie which I will try and post this week!  I also made some Carrott Cake Cupcakes yesterday which I haven’t made in ages.  I either make them like this or in 1 cake tin.  It is an awesome Alison Holst recipie and actually is dairy free and has apple juice in it!  Must go and make the creamcheese icing for richard!  Okay so only dairy free without the icing!

Wednesday we have a catch up with the SLT that accessed David OMG 6 weeks ago now to see how he is going, hopefully we will find out how far on the waitlist he is for his own SLT and will then take it from there about going Private!

It is MIL’s birthday this week and she has requested a book with photos of David in it so am working on that and also a Kaiser Project for neice’s 2nd birthday which is next week!  Am also going to use this for Becky Higgins Sketch Book Celebrity Challenge!

Christi and Hannah I hope that Kamryn and Ethan are enjoying their first days back at school after the chicken pox!

In the next 6 weeks I am going to be surrouned by babies, no I am not pregnant.  With Janine Mummy Moo due to have her wonderful little boy in a few weeks and then David’s friend Grace’s Mum and my friend Theresa due to have twin boys by C section 25th August and then David’s babysitter who I threw the baby shower for is having a C Section 16th September.  It is def  going to be baby crazy around here but I love it.  Theresa only lives a few mins around the corner so I am baking for them once a week at least and am going to start making meals to freeze and drop around to them.  Once the bubs are here I am going to be around there as planned with her 3-4 times a week just ot visit as she has requested or even just to fold washing, do the dishes, put loads of washing etc on – you name it!

Well must be off and see if any mail in the mail box and try and get some more housework done!


5 Responses to “Me Again!”

  1. Hannah said

    Well, you have been busy in the kitchen 🙂 I would like to see your fish pie recipe. I have one that I use lots but would be nice to do a different one for a change.

    That’s a lot of babies due around the same time! Very exciting.

  2. Trace said

    What a good friend you are Deb. All the best with the SLT visit.

  3. Vicki said

    Definitely lots to be going on with then and baking up a storm. I’ve got Janines pumpkin soup recipe in my crockpot and its just yummy.

  4. mummymoo said

    OMG you are flat out baking, far out!! that carrort cake recipe sounds yummmmmmmmy!!

    Yay david for words and shapes and body functions hee hee that is super GREAT – sorry for being slack I will email you tomorrow I promise, oh and the stampin up blog page looks great !! Good luck xox

  5. Christi said

    Hmmmm, all your cooking is making me hungry. I would love to see the fish pie recipe too. And I loooooooooooove marmite and cheese scrolls. They are my fave from Bakers’ Delight. I hear ya about the babies! They are everywhere at school too. I’ve offered to adopt one so I don’t have to go through the whole pregnancy bit again lol. You are such a great friend, Debbie!

    PS – Kamryn enjoyed being back 😉 She was missed 🙂

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