Wow, August Already!

August 2, 2008

I can’t believe that it is 02nd August already!  Like quite a few of you I am totally over this wet weather!  I will admit that I don’t mind winter days that have bright blue skies but not wet and cold ones like this…The wet and cold just seems to go right through you!

What have i been up to?

– Our chickens are doing really well – we are now getting 3 eggs a day.  Just one chicken to go and then it will be 28 eggs a week!  I am struggling with 21 a week at the moment and most friends if we have excess are given half a dozen eggs to take home with them.  Here are some pics of our girls.




Now an average size 7 egg is 65 grams – we get this weight on average but one day got a huge and i mean huge egg and a tiny one.  One was 50 grams (hen had just started laying) and then 2nd was 100 grams yes that’s what i said and we got another one just like it 2 days latter.  Our girls def know how to lay double yoakers but OMG that must have hurt.



– Last Friday Jane (Tilly) came to stay the night as we were joining Mandy and Trace to travel down to Crop Waikato the next day!  What an awesome person Jane is!  Also what an awesome time had by the 4 of us driving there and back!  Trace thanks for driving us and for being a great friend.  Vicky (who I found out does read my blog) and Neen thanks for such an awesome time and so glad that Essential Memories was able to sponser some prizes.  Jane stayed Saturday night as well and we chated and chated and scrapped after dinner.

– As of 10 days ago David has decided that wet cereal actually rocks and now insists on setting the table every morning for us for breakfast!  He loves his wet cereal.  Up until now wetbix, rice bubbles, corn flakes etc were all eaten dry!  Now just to get him to like poridge and not chew it like I do…hee hee

First Ever Wet Cereal

– Richard picked David up from Daycare yesterday and was told by one of the teachers who had been keeping an eye on the nappy room and the bathrooms yesterday that out of the corner of her eye she saw David sneak into the toilets, look around, take off his trousers and nappy, look around again and hop onto their little toilets there….and yay another number 1 was done!  Well done Darling Mummy and David are so proud of you!  This morning we went to Chipmunks at Puke and before we left he pointed and took us to the nappy/changing room as he wanted his nappy changed as it was wet!  We are also in Huggies Nappy Pants at night as well!

– I have started up my Stampin Up!  Blog –

I also have an email address for questions and orders

– I am also nearly the ending of 8 weeks with the flu!  It has been a horrible one and keeps staying around.  I will have days when I feel good and bad days!  Ended up back at the docs yesterday and on a stronger Antibug as I now have a chest infection – yay not! 

David is loving daycare still but has decided that he is going to test us when we drop him off as he will happily put his stuff away but then decides he wants it again and throws a tanty and wants to come home.  Teacher asures us it is just a stage. 

This is what our little boy looked like a couple of weeks ago after leaving daycare – Super Doggy I heard from one of his friends

Super Doggy

David is getting there slowly but surely with his words!  We had mumum awhile ago but we lost it but it is def back and i am just loving it and my heart soars everytime i hear it….He is really trying hard and has also mastered the thank you sign!  We will hopefully have some more words next week that we are working on slowly with him!

He is also going well with his drawing and loves it when i ask him to draw a circle – not a perfect circle but you can def tell what it is – way to go baby!  I will take a pic and upload for you!

Sorry for the long post!  Off to catch up on some things, take pics for things to sell on trade me, get yummy lamb and mint sausages and spuds and veges ready for dinner latter and then tomorrow Hannah’s french lamb shanks in the crock pot – though don’t have the oxtail soup so will see what else i have.

Take care and big hugs and I hope everyone is okay with all this bad weather.


8 Responses to “Wow, August Already!”

  1. Trace said

    Hey Deb, was my pleasure – had a great time and a lot of laughs! So how cute does David look with his bowl of cereal – talk about photogenic! Ummm hope he likes eggs LOL! Glad to see the chickees didn’t get blown away last weekend.

  2. Hannah said

    Sounds like David is doing well with his toileting, and liking wet cereal, hehe! I’m sure the stage he’s going through at daycare will pass. We just went through a week-long stage of Tyler crying when we dropped him at Kindy, I think the holiday break made him a bit unsettled. But he’s fine again now. These stages come & go.

    Amazing all the eggs you are getting – 28 a week!

    The new blog sounds cool – will keep an eye on it 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better soon and finally get well, it’s not fair you’ve been sick for so long! ((hugs))

  3. Hannah said

    Oh, and for the lamb shanks, you can use any soup packet mix if you don’t have oxtail (although oxtail is the best, LOL). I’ve done it with tomato, and mushroom. Anything would be fine, I’m sure!

  4. Sharon said

    Wow – he has grown so much! Sounds like you are a busy lady – glad to hear you are on the mend 🙂

  5. Trina said

    Love seeing the chooks. Very very cool.

    We too have one that lays huge eggs. Wowee! I must weigh them. I haven’t before. Great idea.

  6. Christi said

    I have been sooooooo hanging out for an update on your life! I haven’t heard anything in ages 😉 I’m glad things are going well and hopefully the flu is saying ‘bye bye’ and you can get on the road to recovery! I’m with you, I don’t mind winter days as long as they aren’t nasty like now! *hugs*

  7. Vicki said

    That is a great update of everything thats going on for you. You threw me leaving a comment under your “crafting with a passion” name though.

    We have had the bugs hanging around for a while now and am soo over them all. Roll on the warmer weather and maybe they just disappear altogether.

  8. Penny said

    LOL at the egg size difference! 🙂

    Good on David for the PT stuff and the words! He’s getting there. 🙂

    BTW – beef stock could be a suitable sub for the oxtail soup. 🙂

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