It’s raining baby boys!

August 10, 2008

Firstly I got a txt on Saturday to say that my friend Theresa had had her 2 son’s at 12.30am on Saturday morning and were all going well!  A big welcome to William and James who I get to visit and cuddle tomorrow.  Mum doing well just tired!

Secondly a huge welcome to Janine (Mummymoo’s) new Moo a darling baby boy called Micah!  Janine, I am soooo proud of you, I knew you could do it!

Thinking about all these babies takes me back 2 1/2 years ago to when I had David – I just want to send big hugs out to everyone and all families!  Back latter to post a couple of recipies and more of an update!


Yay for Sun firstly!  I woke up to yummy blue skies this morning and a huge smile started to go over my face…Like many of you I am just so over this winter and all this rain!

This morning David and I headed out first thing to Manukau and then the bus home and then David had a play and while I made cheese scones to take to Theresa’s for lunch for David’s play date with Grace…OMG it was so amazing to see these 2 play together!  David is about 3 weeks younger than Grace.  Theresa said they went past our place and Grace pointed at our house and said where’s my david!  Awww…Wow this little girl has the vocab of a 4 year old at least and I just had the most amazing little conversations with her today and she kept taking my hand and taking me around the house to show me stuff.  Theresa and I kept looking at each other and going awwww they are so cute!  It will be great as now that Theresa is a SAHM we will all see each other more and we can both see these 2 growing up so well together!  They will be going to the same school and the great thing is that the school bus stops outside our place….Theresa and her family have a wonderful place and the kids just enjoyed playing out in the play house, slide, sand pit the grass – it was great!  I have actually come home with that sun kissed feel if that makes sense when your checks feel sun kissed…We are going to make this a more regular thing when David isn’t at Daycare and I will be there helping out as well when the boys arrive!  I got a big surprise this arvo as well as Theresa mentioned the 240 hours help that they get and she is going to have a chat to her husband and see how it works and as they would prefer to have someone they know and as I am going to be helping out anyway they are going to see if they can get me paid the 240 hours!  I was very touched but wanted to reassure her that i wasn’t hunting to be paid that I am only too happy to help out!  I have found a wonderful friend in Theresa – we first met over a year ago at Mainly Music.

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments.

Okay now onto that Fish Pie recipie – at first it sounds strange but i will assure you that it is yummy!

Smoked Fish Pie

Serves 4
The family will love this old favourite, perfect for a warm winters night in…



1. Heat a dash of oil in a frying pan, gently cook leeks until tender.

2. Mix together the Wattie’s Condensed Creamy Pumpkin Soup with the lite sour cream and milk, beating until smooth.

3. Stir in cooked leeks, parsley, lemon rind, smoked fish and eggs, season with pepper. Transfer to a 6 cup capacity ovenproof dish. Top with Wattie’s Potato Pom Poms.

4. Fan bake at 200ºC for 20 minutes or until the fish pie is hot and the Potato Pom Poms are crispy and golden.

Hint: If you do not have the fan bake option on your oven, cook at 220ºC for the same time.

I got this off the food in a minute website…I normally use a packet of Maggi Fish Pie mix which makes a great Fish Pie.  For this pie I actually used a tin of Smoked fish which worked well.

Our SLT meeting this morning was cancelled as the SLT was quite sick so re-scheduled until next week.

Well going to go and put oven on soon and get our Roast chicken in to cook – mmm yummy roast dinner!  I will use the leftovers in a Chicken Pie tomorrow night!

Big hugs to everyone especially Beverly and her family for their loss!









Me Again!

August 4, 2008

Okay everyone, don’t fall over in total utter shock and disbelief, yes it is me again!  Firstly thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Yay the sun is finally out today even if it is off and on!  Every time I go to open a window the rain starts!  I have a bacon and vege soup on to cook in the crockpot and will freeze that in portion sizes!  I didn’t end up making the Lamb Shanks yesterday but will do this next Sunday and have managed to get the oxtail soup so will try it with that!

Yesterday decided to make my own Vegemite and Cheese scrolls with scone dough and they turned out well!  Also tried out a new fish pie receipie which I will try and post this week!  I also made some Carrott Cake Cupcakes yesterday which I haven’t made in ages.  I either make them like this or in 1 cake tin.  It is an awesome Alison Holst recipie and actually is dairy free and has apple juice in it!  Must go and make the creamcheese icing for richard!  Okay so only dairy free without the icing!

Wednesday we have a catch up with the SLT that accessed David OMG 6 weeks ago now to see how he is going, hopefully we will find out how far on the waitlist he is for his own SLT and will then take it from there about going Private!

It is MIL’s birthday this week and she has requested a book with photos of David in it so am working on that and also a Kaiser Project for neice’s 2nd birthday which is next week!  Am also going to use this for Becky Higgins Sketch Book Celebrity Challenge!

Christi and Hannah I hope that Kamryn and Ethan are enjoying their first days back at school after the chicken pox!

In the next 6 weeks I am going to be surrouned by babies, no I am not pregnant.  With Janine Mummy Moo due to have her wonderful little boy in a few weeks and then David’s friend Grace’s Mum and my friend Theresa due to have twin boys by C section 25th August and then David’s babysitter who I threw the baby shower for is having a C Section 16th September.  It is def  going to be baby crazy around here but I love it.  Theresa only lives a few mins around the corner so I am baking for them once a week at least and am going to start making meals to freeze and drop around to them.  Once the bubs are here I am going to be around there as planned with her 3-4 times a week just ot visit as she has requested or even just to fold washing, do the dishes, put loads of washing etc on – you name it!

Well must be off and see if any mail in the mail box and try and get some more housework done!

Wow, August Already!

August 2, 2008

I can’t believe that it is 02nd August already!  Like quite a few of you I am totally over this wet weather!  I will admit that I don’t mind winter days that have bright blue skies but not wet and cold ones like this…The wet and cold just seems to go right through you!

What have i been up to?

– Our chickens are doing really well – we are now getting 3 eggs a day.  Just one chicken to go and then it will be 28 eggs a week!  I am struggling with 21 a week at the moment and most friends if we have excess are given half a dozen eggs to take home with them.  Here are some pics of our girls.




Now an average size 7 egg is 65 grams – we get this weight on average but one day got a huge and i mean huge egg and a tiny one.  One was 50 grams (hen had just started laying) and then 2nd was 100 grams yes that’s what i said and we got another one just like it 2 days latter.  Our girls def know how to lay double yoakers but OMG that must have hurt.



– Last Friday Jane (Tilly) came to stay the night as we were joining Mandy and Trace to travel down to Crop Waikato the next day!  What an awesome person Jane is!  Also what an awesome time had by the 4 of us driving there and back!  Trace thanks for driving us and for being a great friend.  Vicky (who I found out does read my blog) and Neen thanks for such an awesome time and so glad that Essential Memories was able to sponser some prizes.  Jane stayed Saturday night as well and we chated and chated and scrapped after dinner.

– As of 10 days ago David has decided that wet cereal actually rocks and now insists on setting the table every morning for us for breakfast!  He loves his wet cereal.  Up until now wetbix, rice bubbles, corn flakes etc were all eaten dry!  Now just to get him to like poridge and not chew it like I do…hee hee

First Ever Wet Cereal

– Richard picked David up from Daycare yesterday and was told by one of the teachers who had been keeping an eye on the nappy room and the bathrooms yesterday that out of the corner of her eye she saw David sneak into the toilets, look around, take off his trousers and nappy, look around again and hop onto their little toilets there….and yay another number 1 was done!  Well done Darling Mummy and David are so proud of you!  This morning we went to Chipmunks at Puke and before we left he pointed and took us to the nappy/changing room as he wanted his nappy changed as it was wet!  We are also in Huggies Nappy Pants at night as well!

– I have started up my Stampin Up!  Blog –

I also have an email address for questions and orders

– I am also nearly the ending of 8 weeks with the flu!  It has been a horrible one and keeps staying around.  I will have days when I feel good and bad days!  Ended up back at the docs yesterday and on a stronger Antibug as I now have a chest infection – yay not! 

David is loving daycare still but has decided that he is going to test us when we drop him off as he will happily put his stuff away but then decides he wants it again and throws a tanty and wants to come home.  Teacher asures us it is just a stage. 

This is what our little boy looked like a couple of weeks ago after leaving daycare – Super Doggy I heard from one of his friends

Super Doggy

David is getting there slowly but surely with his words!  We had mumum awhile ago but we lost it but it is def back and i am just loving it and my heart soars everytime i hear it….He is really trying hard and has also mastered the thank you sign!  We will hopefully have some more words next week that we are working on slowly with him!

He is also going well with his drawing and loves it when i ask him to draw a circle – not a perfect circle but you can def tell what it is – way to go baby!  I will take a pic and upload for you!

Sorry for the long post!  Off to catch up on some things, take pics for things to sell on trade me, get yummy lamb and mint sausages and spuds and veges ready for dinner latter and then tomorrow Hannah’s french lamb shanks in the crock pot – though don’t have the oxtail soup so will see what else i have.

Take care and big hugs and I hope everyone is okay with all this bad weather.