A Big first last night in our house!

July 20, 2008

Last night we had a very proud boy in our house who had a big first!  We had a pee pee in the toilet and now when ever you ask who did a pee pee in the toilet our little man raises his arm up high and is soo proud!  Not onto full toilet training but just going to totally take our time with it all and just take his lead.

What else – Under a week until Crop Waikato and can’t wait!  Tilly/Jane is staying here Friday night as Trace and Mandy are picking us up at 7.30am on Saturday morning and Jane lives out West so we are going to have a great dinner and then some scrapping and she is staying here on Saturday night as well as the crop in Hamilton doesn’t finish until 6.00pm so it will be lots of fun!  Can’t wait for Saturday!  I have started making up some page kits and also want to get a birthday present for MIL which will be a Mini Album nearly finished there if I can as well as quite a few layouts if I can.  But I am not deluding myself and may not get much done becuase of too much catching up and chatting!

Yesterday i hosted a nice small babyshower for David’s babysitter – there were 5 of us girls but it was gret to have a good gossip and some good food.  I was able to make the invites and the party bags and ended up having my first practice of decorating cookies with an icing bag – def an expereince but will practice as i had fun!

Finally seem to have a bit more energy today – nearly 6 weeks since i got the flu – gosh it is a bad one this year.

Does anyone out there have a great marmelade recipie for using grapefruit and/or organges as our neigbour has got loads of them and have said i will make them marmelade?

This week I am just going to try and get back ontop of things – housework/studio/business wise.

I will also have my new Stamping Up blog up and running by hopefully tuesday night!  I have a few extra catelogues if anyone would like to have a look at one.


7 Responses to “A Big first last night in our house!”

  1. Hannah said

    Well done, David!!!! 🙂

    I have a marmalade recipe, I will post it on my blog later for you.

    Look forward to seeing the new Stampin Up blog!

  2. Trace said

    Would love to see the little seasonal su catalogue if you’ve got one Deb, will check it out on Saturday. Do you know where we are going, or should I print out the directions? Looking forward to it. And go David on the toilet training!

  3. Vicki said

    WTG David on the toilet training. Have fun at the crop and I’m sure you get more done than you think – maybe!!! LOL

  4. Penny said

    Yay for David!

    Man I’ve got to get those page kits sorted for Sat else I’ll be a mess!

  5. Christi said

    Yay, David! There’s something refreshing and independent about them using the toilet! I still can’t believe I got Lauryn there last winter and before our trip lol. Such wonderful progress he is making!

    I hear on the flu. Although I don’t reckon I have it but I have been sick for 3 weeks with 3 different damn things. I’m fed up. This one I have now has me completely exhausted and wiped out. I’m completely buggered! Hopefully you are on the unswing and can get back to the daily grind 😉

    How nice of you to give a baby shower!!!! I soooooooooo wanted one with either of my girls lol. I don’t have friends though to throw me one 😦 *sniff sniff* yes that’s me feeling sorry for myself lol.

  6. shornsheep said

    Yay for David! That is awesome news.

    That flu you have had sounds terrible. Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

    Have fun at the crop. Wish I was going so we could get to meet. We have this wedding that the boys have a part to play in this weekend.

    PS. I hear you are a fellow marmalade fan 🙂 Did you make it yet? Am planning to have a go at it myself. Homemade is the yummiest. Least I hope mine turns out that way haha.

  7. kitkat said

    Well done David! I wish my little guy would show some interest in potty training.

    That was really nice of you to throw a baby shower for your babysitter. The closest thing to a baby shower I had was my leaving ‘do’ from work when I had my son. I got a nice baby gift plus generous gift voucher – not too bad considering all my workmates were guys.

    Also, glad to hear you are getting on top of the flu – sounds like a bad one.

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