Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

July 9, 2008


Yes, i am still here – have had this nasty flu for 3 1/2 weeks now and have days when i feel human and days when I don’t. 

What do I have to Whoo Hoot about?

– David trying so hard with his speach and trying to tell us what he wants.

– Having a very difinative No, no, no added to his vocablurary.

– Having awesome friends like you all there to support me and my family.

– Having 9 amazing women and fellow scrapbookers over on Saturday for the day, a day that was totally perfect for Scrapping and to have the fire roaring.  I near completed 2 2 page layouts and a mini book, and 1 1 page layout…The next morning I near completed 3 more single layouts and on Monday near completed another 2-3 layouts!  I am on a roll!  Notice the theme here,near completed!  I just have final journalling and last minute touches to add.

– Really loving working on my “Louise” challenge for the So you think you can Scrap!  I will post my layout here tomorrow.  Was a bit nervous about this one but it just seems to be flowing!

– Having beautiful Crips, clear sunny winter days yesterday and today!  Yay, these days help me feel so positive.

– Getting 2 eggs everyday from 2 our of our chickens and an extra one every 2-3 days from another one!  But today OMG we got a 100g egg.  To compare that for you an average size 7 egg is between 65 – 70 grams.

– Deciding to and filling out the forms to become a Stamping Up Distributor.  Yes, you heard right!  At the start becuase i don’t drive at the moment and we only have the 1 car I will be able to take orders via email or phone and have some other ideas up my sleeve.  I will be starting up a Stamping Up Blog in the next week or so.

– Getting in contact with another Auckland Mum who’s son is 2 weeks younger than David and they seem mirror images of each other in their speech etc so we are helping each other to work through things.

Well, must be off, I would post pics but our photo system is down at home at the moment so can’t access any pics at the mo!

Big hugs and take care everyone!


8 Responses to “Whoo Hoot Wednesday!”

  1. Janine said

    Thanks for playing whoo hoot Wednesday. Thats an awesome list there Debbie and well done on deciding to be a stampin up demonstrater. Wow, thats a big egg there. Very coool you have found another mum that you can spin ideas off each other regarding your sons.

  2. Sandra said

    What a neat list! Yay, David, and lol how come “NO” is always the first strong word with kids?

    That sure is one big egg!

    It also never ceases to amaze me how people are sent to us just when we need them, like your new friend. I’m sure you will be awesome support to each other of your joint journey.

  3. Hannah said

    Yay for becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator … you know how happy Megan will be, ROFL! Seriously, it’s very cool. I will look out for your new blog.
    That is a HUGE egg … like the total opposite spectrum to your baby hen’s 40-something gram one you were showing us!
    I’m so happy that you have found another Mum and son who are in the same place as you & David … I’m sure you guys will be able to support each other through the coming months.

  4. Trace said

    That’s great news on the speech and the new friend. Great I’ll be able to get my adhesive through you then Deb, Stamp’n up is the only place that sells it…you’ll have to keep us in the loop with the specials. You don’t drive at the moment, are you going to give it a try? Yell out if you want some driving lessons, hey I work with kids, I have the patience of a saint LOL! And an automatic car…

  5. Roo said

    Cool to see you back online – hope the dreaded bugs leave you alone now.
    Ooh that’s a good size egg – love chookies and home laid eggs.

  6. mummymoo said

    YAY what great wahoots 🙂 So bummed I couldnt come to the scrap day -totally stink I would have loved to but OMG you are a machine all those pages !!! WOW

    Uhoh stampin up person that sounds like some serious enabling going on there but so let me I know, I want to check it ALL OUT I love the stampin up stuff 🙂

    Take care honey, thinking of you always xox

  7. Mich said

    Great news about meeting someone going throu similar experiences as yourself. Our wee guy didn’t say much as a 3 yr old, but now at 5 1/2 I can’t get him to stop talking!!!
    Woo Hoo for becoming a Stampin Up consultant – their stuff looks awesome!

  8. Vicki said

    Thats a great list Debbie – all the best for your Stampin Up. Nice that you have found someone going through the same things as yourself with David and now you both have a new friend.

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