Last night we had a very proud boy in our house who had a big first!  We had a pee pee in the toilet and now when ever you ask who did a pee pee in the toilet our little man raises his arm up high and is soo proud!  Not onto full toilet training but just going to totally take our time with it all and just take his lead.

What else – Under a week until Crop Waikato and can’t wait!  Tilly/Jane is staying here Friday night as Trace and Mandy are picking us up at 7.30am on Saturday morning and Jane lives out West so we are going to have a great dinner and then some scrapping and she is staying here on Saturday night as well as the crop in Hamilton doesn’t finish until 6.00pm so it will be lots of fun!  Can’t wait for Saturday!  I have started making up some page kits and also want to get a birthday present for MIL which will be a Mini Album nearly finished there if I can as well as quite a few layouts if I can.  But I am not deluding myself and may not get much done becuase of too much catching up and chatting!

Yesterday i hosted a nice small babyshower for David’s babysitter – there were 5 of us girls but it was gret to have a good gossip and some good food.  I was able to make the invites and the party bags and ended up having my first practice of decorating cookies with an icing bag – def an expereince but will practice as i had fun!

Finally seem to have a bit more energy today – nearly 6 weeks since i got the flu – gosh it is a bad one this year.

Does anyone out there have a great marmelade recipie for using grapefruit and/or organges as our neigbour has got loads of them and have said i will make them marmelade?

This week I am just going to try and get back ontop of things – housework/studio/business wise.

I will also have my new Stamping Up blog up and running by hopefully tuesday night!  I have a few extra catelogues if anyone would like to have a look at one.


Here is a pic of my layout that I did for the “So you think you can scrap?” challenge for Louise’s Style.


I really did have fun doing this – Unfortunatly I sent it through a bit small and you can’t read the journalling which reads

“David, my darling even before you were born, you’re personality and attitude was already coming through….I had fallen totally for you….”

Just a quick post as I have a few loads of washing to fold and put away and then some housework before the boys arrive home.  Made an amazing Chicken Risotto last night so using the leftovers to make Risotto balls which i will crumb and bake and have those with ham steaks and veges!

Big hugs!

Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

July 9, 2008


Yes, i am still here – have had this nasty flu for 3 1/2 weeks now and have days when i feel human and days when I don’t. 

What do I have to Whoo Hoot about?

– David trying so hard with his speach and trying to tell us what he wants.

– Having a very difinative No, no, no added to his vocablurary.

– Having awesome friends like you all there to support me and my family.

– Having 9 amazing women and fellow scrapbookers over on Saturday for the day, a day that was totally perfect for Scrapping and to have the fire roaring.  I near completed 2 2 page layouts and a mini book, and 1 1 page layout…The next morning I near completed 3 more single layouts and on Monday near completed another 2-3 layouts!  I am on a roll!  Notice the theme here,near completed!  I just have final journalling and last minute touches to add.

– Really loving working on my “Louise” challenge for the So you think you can Scrap!  I will post my layout here tomorrow.  Was a bit nervous about this one but it just seems to be flowing!

– Having beautiful Crips, clear sunny winter days yesterday and today!  Yay, these days help me feel so positive.

– Getting 2 eggs everyday from 2 our of our chickens and an extra one every 2-3 days from another one!  But today OMG we got a 100g egg.  To compare that for you an average size 7 egg is between 65 – 70 grams.

– Deciding to and filling out the forms to become a Stamping Up Distributor.  Yes, you heard right!  At the start becuase i don’t drive at the moment and we only have the 1 car I will be able to take orders via email or phone and have some other ideas up my sleeve.  I will be starting up a Stamping Up Blog in the next week or so.

– Getting in contact with another Auckland Mum who’s son is 2 weeks younger than David and they seem mirror images of each other in their speech etc so we are helping each other to work through things.

Well, must be off, I would post pics but our photo system is down at home at the moment so can’t access any pics at the mo!

Big hugs and take care everyone!