Severe Speech Delay

June 26, 2008

Well ages ago we were reffered to a Developemental Paedatrcian and finally got the appointment today!  Along with a Speech Lanuage Therapist they have said that David has a Severe Speech Delay and he will be reffered to a Speech Language Therapist though I think we will go private and along with the Speech Therapy they are going to have to work on another way of comunication for him so that he can get across what he wants.  The Therapist  that was there and played with him said his receptivness is great and picks up things fast and picked up some of the signs she was doing fast!  They said that they may work on signs and also pictures for him to pick up and show what he wants etc!  They said that his attention span at times wasn’t the greatest!  They said that the attention could lead alot latter to ADHD but they can’t diagonise something like that at such a young age!

He def wants to communicate and get across what he wants and understands alot etc!

It’s going to be along road and in some way I feel like I have failed David in some way but everyone keeps saying I haven’t but I still feel like I have in some way!


5 Responses to “Severe Speech Delay”

  1. Christi said

    Sorry you are feeling down, Debbie, but you haven’t failed him. You have been on to and getting him help and that is all good. Things can only get better for him from here. Not only that every child is sooooooooooo different that it’s probably hard to know what needs looking at and what doesn’t. Lauryn has a lisp that she isn’t outgrowing but she should be at the age where she should be outgrowing it. We’ll let it go a bit longer and then ask about it. What can we do? You talk to him, you read to him, you try to understand; but if it’s not there it’s not there. And it’s just a speech delay right? Nothing wrong with his hearing? If that’s the case then that’s a bonus 😉 *hugs*

  2. Trace said

    Good on you for going private, the waitlist for public is way too long. All speech concerns are a long road but worth it of course in the end – and far better to begin the journey now while he’s so young than to leave it in the hope that it will change without support.

  3. Hannah said

    You definitely haven’t failed him, Debbie. You would have failed him if you hadn’t even noticed and hadn’t sought help. So give yourself a pat on the back for being so proactive!
    This is a totally fixable thing. I’m sure you’ll hear many stories from people who have been through it and come out the other side. It’s incredible what Speech Therapists can do (especially the really good private ones like you are going to be seeing!) and I’m sure that in a few months you will be looking back and seeing what huge progress David has made. He’s young, and you’ve “caught” this early, so by the time he’s off to Kindy & school this will be something that is no longer a big issue.

  4. spgettie said

    (((HUGS))) Debbie. Being a parent is so hard and we often doubt we have done the right things! You have so been onto it and done everything in your power for David. You have not failed him 1 little bit!
    I have friends in Chch and their youngest has a severe speech delay also. They are getting a lot of help for him and it is a long road. But know that you are doing the right thing. You are a fantastic Mama!!!

  5. Penny said

    ditto to what the other girls said. David’s a healthy, happy boy and while he’s got some work to do, the help and support is there in the form of his parents and therapists.

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