Thank you all so much!

June 27, 2008

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments and encouragements regarding David!

After some investigating and digging with Richard’s sister’s help I have found that their nearly 5 year old didn’t start talking properly until she was about 3 1/2 years old and at David’s age had a few words and like David mostly made noises and pointed etc to what she wanted.  Now you can’t keep her quiet.  She has just finished i think about 8 months of Speech Therapy.

Upon more digging we actually found out that on Richard’s dad side there is a family history of delayed speech.  Richard’s Uncle didn’t speak until between 4-5 and then latter on became a lawyer and is now invovled in Politics and another uncle was late speaking as well!

Take care everyone and thank you all for being such amazing woman!


Severe Speech Delay

June 26, 2008

Well ages ago we were reffered to a Developemental Paedatrcian and finally got the appointment today!  Along with a Speech Lanuage Therapist they have said that David has a Severe Speech Delay and he will be reffered to a Speech Language Therapist though I think we will go private and along with the Speech Therapy they are going to have to work on another way of comunication for him so that he can get across what he wants.  The Therapist  that was there and played with him said his receptivness is great and picks up things fast and picked up some of the signs she was doing fast!  They said that they may work on signs and also pictures for him to pick up and show what he wants etc!  They said that his attention span at times wasn’t the greatest!  They said that the attention could lead alot latter to ADHD but they can’t diagonise something like that at such a young age!

He def wants to communicate and get across what he wants and understands alot etc!

It’s going to be along road and in some way I feel like I have failed David in some way but everyone keeps saying I haven’t but I still feel like I have in some way!

I know, I know over 5 weeks since my last post where I promised to post at least once a week on a Wednesday!  Well I am going to be totally honest while I have been enjoying reading posts and commenting on people’s blogs for some reason and nothing bad just didn’t feel like bloging so took a blog vacation!

What has been happening in the past 5 weeks.

– We now have 4 Chickens named Burbon (first thing that came to mind when i saw her), Nanny chick, spotty and blondie!  Burbon is giving us now 1 egg a day and the other 3 are yet to lay.

– Back in Nov we were reffered to get an Early Intervention teacher assement for David well last Tuesday we got a call and we were then off the waiting list.  Well, she visited David at daycare on thursday of last week and we heard from the centre supervisor on Monday that the EIT has absolutly no worries in the slightest with him and that he may need a bit of help from a Speech Therapist in the future but not just yet.  The week before we finally came off the waiting list for a Paedatric Devlopement appointment through Kid’s First which is now in 2 weeks.  They only do a session once a month and each 1 day that they do a month only 2 kids are accessed.  Our EIT suggested still going along and get more skills and learn what we may need to work on to help him advance more.  Yay – Wahoo my darling little man.

– Queens Birthday monday was spent with family in Hamilton and David’s cousin Katherine is 6 months younger and pretty much the same height.  Now saying this my young man is not a shortie so Katherine is going to be tall.  Here is a pic of the 2 of them hanging out.

This first one is when I asked David to give Katherine a hug.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best – our camera is playing up a bit.

Next is the kids just hanging out watching Playhouse Disney.

– What else?  I have entered “So you think you can Scrap”, having a blast but unfortunatly haven’t got any where yet.  Here is my page for Challenge 2 – Kelly’s style.  Can’t find the pic on the computer of my first challenge which was Meek’s style.

Challenge 2

Having a ponder about entering the “Embelisshed Idol” that Embelished are going to be running soon.

– Also over Queens Birthday weekend caught up with Best Bud Louise and family which was awesome – first catch up in person since February!  Way to long between visits for us!  Damn petrol prices.  LOL.

Well, best be off!  Take care everyone!