Whooo Hoot Wednesday

May 7, 2008

Firstly OMG I just can’t believe that it is nearly a month since I last posted..I have heaps to update so going to do it in bullet form….

– Firstly thank you so much for all your wonderful supportive comments about David’s speech therapy, he has a huge addiction now which Richard and I have no problems with and that is Books – he just loves his books which is great…I have saved up and am getting him a new book each week and even if we don’t give them to him then they are put away for latter.¬† Richard and I both grew up loving books and love that David does as well…David was watching Playhouse Disney the other day and i heard him chatting away in his own little langauage and thought he was talking to the TV but peaked over the sofa and there he is on the sofa flipping through his book trying to read to himself!

– David is now at Daycare 4 days a week and just loving, loving it….

– David is showing interest in toilet training like at Daycare coming out with no trackies on then the teacher putting them back on and then a few mins latter back out with no trackies or nappie and then the other day wanting to copy the older boys and no nappy in the bath room, trackies around his ankles and standing by their little mini toilets

РStart volunterring at Starship next Tuesday every Tuesday morning in the Neuolgy ward playroom

– Participated in and completed all 3 challenges at SE for NSD over the weekend.

– Heading off to Wellington this weekend as Richard is working down there…The 3 of us catching up with friends including going for Yum Cha and playing tourist, playing on going to Te Papa, the Zoo etc and also Kiwi Scraps.

– Working on samples for my little business and working on a Mother’s Day project for a lovely repeat customer!

Have decided that even if I blog at least every wednesday and join in with the lovely Jaine’s Whoo Hoot Wednesday then that would be good….

Here are some photos to share with you all and will def update more tomorrow!

Smoothie for breakfast along with his new fav breakfast!

New Fav breakfast – dry cereal pref weetbix or furitybix.

David’s first horse ride at the Clevedon Markets last month!

Take care everyone!