We did it!

April 9, 2008

Well, today we did it and actually went and saw a Speech Therapist Privately for an Assement as we are on the waiting list through the Public System and things went really really well!  The speech therapist that we met with was amazing and David loved her and she loved him!  She went through lots with us and him and said she doesn’t think it is anything other than a delay in his speech and that it is great as in particular situations he know’s he is supposed to say something but just unsure what to say!  She gave us lots of stratigies to work with which we are already doing some of and others we will start to do and do more of….She suggests just montioring him and we are welcome to come back and see her when ever we like but we will def be back in 6 months we have decided to just have a catch up and see how she thinks he is going.  A friend and her husband suggested taking him along to a Paeditatrian that specalises in development and we asked her about this and she suggested to wait 6 months and see how he is going.  But from what she observed he is doing great and the speech will come….Way to go David, Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you!

I will be seeing more of David’s speech therapist as she is actually a Stamping Up Demonstrater and scarily for the credit card she is only a 5 – 10 min max drive away!  She started in cards and has just started Scrapbooking!  I got one of the brand new catelogues and OMG i am so in love with the product!

Well, I will update more tomorrow but just wanted to let you all know who have been there supporting us with David’s speech where we are at at the moment!

16 Responses to “We did it!”

  1. Mel said

    Good on you for taking actin. Elliot had speech threapy from 3 and a half to 5 and it made a huge improvement. One tip – the speech therapist will work with David but you need to treat the sessions like she is teaching YOU what to do with him. Don’t expect her sessions (when you get them) to ‘fix’ him. It’ll be up to you guys to learn from her so you can work with David yourselves.

    I think being a speech therapist would be a fascinating job!

  2. Penny said

    That’s great news 🙂

  3. Hannah said

    Excellent news, Debbie. I’m sure David will make great progress.

  4. Scrappydo said

    Excellent news Debbie – I’m sure it will all be fine in the end. Also awesome news on finding your own SU demo…. you’ll love the bits in that catalogue! 🙂

  5. Yvette said

    Fantastic news. It must feel good to know something is in action for David!

  6. Beverley Warwick said

    A speech therapist and a SU demonstrator – now that’s a great person to know!

  7. Trace said

    That’s good news on the speech therapist – yeah I would hold off for a while too, before visiting a devleopmental paedeatrician. Isn’t the public waiting list a shocker! Cool getting the SU catalogue…maybe you should have a party Deb…

  8. Shornsheep said

    As a mum of boys I too would agree re. holding off six months. Boys often develop later than girls too. One friend’s son was practically mute until he was two and a half then all of a sudden he started speaking in sentences!

    And that is real serendipity the Speech Therapist being a SU demonstrator. 🙂

  9. nztreasure said

    Good for you to take action and doing what you feel is best for David!!
    How cool she is a SU demonstrator – thats a sign! ;O)

  10. mummymoo said

    Wahoo Debbie U am sure that it is great confirmation to that you are doing a great job and David is just being a normal little boy – a little toad but much loved by all who know him – yay on getting a few more stagagies to that is so cool – and a SU demonstrator ohhhhh I love all their stuff 🙂

  11. sharont said

    This is great news for you! Good to know you are doing the right things and new strategies will help you all feel happy. I’ve seen the new SU catalogue too and there ARE some really yummy things in it!

  12. Mrs Frizz said

    Great on the speech front … not so good for the credit card tho – a speech therapist’s bill and SU stuff – crikey! lol

  13. kitkat said

    Yay for seeing the speech therapist and getting the positive feedback & strategy for the future.

    We had our assessment last week and it went well too. The speech therapist said he is within the range of normal, just a slow starter. She thinks he’s in catch-up mode now & should come right in the next 6 months, but has put us on the public waiting list just in case. It will be up to me to self-assess whether I think any action is required when “our number comes up”. My little guy was such a flirt with her it’s amazing she got her work done!

  14. trina said

    That’s such great news! yay!!!


  15. yaseennz said

    Such good news on the speech front. I bet it’s a great relief to get some real feedback from a pro and good strategies to work with.
    Oh yeah.. stamps… *can one ever have enough ?;p

  16. Alison said

    Hi there, Just thought I would pop in and see your blog after you left a comment on mine. Good news about David’s speech, hopefully soon enough you will be asking him to stop talking,hehe. My son had speech delay and it drove me mad not knowing what he wanted but he has caught up now and he wont stop talking some days,lol. Good lucky and hope it all goes well

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