Yes they are

March 27, 2008

from Tiffany and Co and when I meant yes they are what you think they are, I was meaning that yes they are from Tiffanys.

Well, truth be told they aren’t actually for me at all!  They are DH’s 10 year long service reward from his work.  He got a silver pen, business card holder and compendium!  Though he arrived home last night from a Business Dinner and handed over the bag and everything was all wrapped up and the checky man let me think for a few secs that they were for me.

He also got another award last night and we get a Dinner out for 2 up to the value of $150.00 any where we want so we are off to this amazing Italian Resturant in the city one day called Toto’s…

Sorry for the suspence laddies, DH thought it would be a great idea and keeps asking me what sort of comments I got!  Wish they were mine though!


13 Responses to “Yes they are”

  1. Hannah said

    Very cool! Congrats to Richard 🙂
    It would definitely be better if they were for you though Debs … I had visions of lots of sparkling diamonds when I saw your first post, LOL 🙂

  2. Mrs Frizz said

    Okay, so he gets some goodies for 10 years service … but you get to go out for dinner … sounds a good deal to me. Enjoy your fine dining experience.

  3. Yvette said

    Wow, that is a jolly good 10 year long service award. He must work for a great company. And y to add to that you get to go out for a lovely dinner, fabulouso!!! Enjoy.

  4. Michelle said

    lol… lucky Richard!! I am trying to get to Totos for dinner myself … will get there one day. Unfortunately, for us we will have to pay for it ourselves. Nothing like getting a free dinner!!

  5. nztreasure said

    Wow what a cool company he works for! How awesome. How neat though that there is that bonus of the meal for you – how blissful is that huh?

  6. Vicki said

    Lucky Richard. Thats a very flash present for 10 years. Nice to be recognised and rewarded.

    Enjoy your dinner.

  7. Christi said

    Wow, most impressive Richard! DH doesn’t even get thanked or held a Xmas hamper while we were away and I doubt is 10 years will bring him anything lol.

  8. Trace said

    WTG Richard, and hey Deb’s you could always have a bit of fun with the boxes!

  9. Scrappydo said

    Very nice for Richard! And dinner as well – sounds like his company is a good one! Enjoy 🙂

  10. Penny said

    WOW! 10 years service pressie is nice. Cool company. 🙂

    Hey – that chocolate felt you offered to send. Can I take you up on the offer? I’ll make David some felt lamingtons too. 😉

  11. Mummymoo said

    WOW Richard that is awesome!! Sorry about the dimonds Debs LOL But what a neat idea giving him a dinner voucher so that he can share with you, cause I bet that it is not easy having Richard away as much as he is, so it is super cool that you get to spend some time together somewhere nice 🙂

  12. Hey, Scrap that Bag Logo! Can’t waste that opportunity. What a great gift idea and the dinner too will be great! Also love the baby layout, sooo tiny and precious.

  13. Shornsheep said

    That sure is cheeky! Sorry you missed out on diamonds. Great that you got to enjoy a meal out though.

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