Awesome company and morning mixed together with a spoonful of Sugar!

March 26, 2008

This morning David and I drove into town with Richard and were dropped off in Ponsonby road on his way to work..  We went for a little walk and ended up at a great shop that i have seen around before but not been into called Redcurrent and purchased myself this awesome new bright pink huge straw bag…..i just love it and will take a pic and post on here…I love it as it will fit david’s wipes container, change of clothes, snack bags, wallet, keys, phone and still have heaps of room and still feel light!

It was then onto a wonderful kid’s oriantated cafe and meeting up with the amazing Trina and her wonderful Son Dan for morning tea and a play!  We met up at a wonderful cafe that some of you may have heard of called “A Spoonful of Sugar

It is great, it is really kid’s orientated and is based in an old Vila!  They have a kids’s play area in a seperate room and the kids are looked after by 2 great qualified nannies….They have an LCD screen tv up on the wall so that we can see into the room and see what they are up to.    Have a great kid’s menu and these awesome kid’s thick plastic knives and forks and spoons…must try and get some…It was great to catch up with Trina and Dan…Unfortunatly Dan wasn’t quite himself but Trina I still think he is an amazing kid and like I said I wish the boys lived closer to each other.  Dan is 6 months younger than David but you wouldn’t know and if I didn’t know better would have thought that Dan was actually a bit older!  David had a great pigs in a blanket which was kranskies wrapped in puff pastry – he nibbled a bit but then noticed Trina’s fruit salad and she kindly gave him som melon which he had never had before and rest is history.  He was hooked and would finish a bit and then smile and put his hand out to trina for more…After he had eaten all her melon (thanks for that Trina – glad that you said that you were off it at the moment and didn’t mind him having it) he attempted and did well with his pigs in blankets and then demolished 1/4 of  bowl of fruit salad i had then got for him….The kids had a play in the play area (charged at $5.00, but i think well worth it as it is a big room and lots and lots to do, at some times during the week they also have story time etc) then Trina and Dan dropped us in Queen St then it was off to look at a couple of shops then off to Richard’s work where he gave us a lift home in his lunch break!

Trina and Dan thanks for a great morning and we will def have to catch up again!

David and I will def be back to A Spoonful of Sugar again – they are open Mon – Sun from 8am – 5pm and then on Sunday have a seperate Family dinner menu on a Sunday night which we will def be trying out!

Thanks to everyone for your continued wonderful comments.  I must appologise for my lack of comments on blogs, i seem to have time to read them but then run out of time to comment so will def be making more time for everyone!

Take care everyone!


5 Responses to “Awesome company and morning mixed together with a spoonful of Sugar!”

  1. Yvette said

    What a cool morning. Maybe we will have to visit “A Spoonful of Sugar” when I finally come up to Auckland, LOL.

  2. Hannah said

    Sounds like a great little cafe! The only time we venture into Ponsonby is without kids … but perhaps we’ll try taking them one time.

    Redcurrent is a cool shop, I love it! They have one at the new Albany Westfield and I just love going in there, even if it’s just for a bit of window shopping.

  3. Beverley said

    What a cool cafe! Wish they had one like that here in Wellington. The name is so neat – and nannies … bliss! That bright pink bag sounds like fun too. Will have to look out for a redcurrent shop too.

  4. nztreasure said

    Wow – that sounds like a bliss cafe!! Did they have your pink bag in green – lol – I’m in the market for a new handbag – so do show!!!

  5. fourmcs said

    Wow, what a neat place to have, and how cool to meet up with Trina.

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