Happy Easter

March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!  Wow, i can’t believe that it is Monday afternoon already!  We have had a relaxing weekend but managed to get a bit done.  Friday morning we headed off to the Easter Show and OMG we got there at 11.00am in the morning and it was so hot but so expensive!  Next year we have decided that Richard will take the Thursday off and we will go first thing on the thursday morning.  This was my first time there since I was about 10 or 11.  David had a wonderful time and the best part of the day was seeing our just turned 2 year old on the Vertical Bungy having the time of his life.  Each ride was around 3 mins long and honestly this kid would have kept going and going.  When the guy got him out he wanted to go to the next one and keep going.  Best $10.00 we have ever spent.  Here are a couple of pics.

Sorry, I thought I had changed that around.  Then just as we were leaving we ran into Kung Fu Panda.

Saturday was spent relaxing and baking and then Alice came over and brought over my wonderful CJ that lots of the laddies at SE have completed.  I just love it and will take pics and upload them latter this week.  I was also able to give Alice her Easter Treats as I was matched to her to be her Easter Bunny this year!  She also was naughty and brought over a gift for myself, eggs for David and a bottle of wine from their Wedding for Richard…Much appreciated you wonderful girl Alice.  Then it was over to spend the arvo with Lisa and family!  I got lots of hugs with Cort and just need to get these photos off the camera and then will upload.

Yesterday we went to go to a local Event at the Botanical Gardens but only just got parking and it was so packed and the shortest que was about 50 people for any of the things to do so we went to the Garden Centre, got a few herbs then home.  Today we have been out to Botany to get a few things and then home for lunch and now just catching up on a few things and hopefully maybe some scrapping!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter!


6 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Hannah said

    That vertical bungy is fun, huh? Looks like David enjoyed himself.
    We were at the Easter Show today. I was very strict with my family and said we were going to arrive at 9am, which we did … best idea!! It was soooo quiet, no queues for anything, not hot, just awesome.

    It sounds like you’ve had a nice few days catching up with friends, which is always a nice way to spend the holidays. 🙂

  2. Michelle Whorwood said

    Wow David sure looked like he enjoyed the vertical bungy… from what I hear about how much he enjoys Chipmunks I think it would have been right up his alley! We also saw the Giant Panda… as we were there on Friday too… we did get there at 9am … best thing to do… as it was just as Hannah said. We were probably wandering around at the same time as you.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. nztreasure said

    I want one of those vertical bungy thingees – that looks so much fun!! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend – Happy Easter to you all.

  4. Mummymoo said

    WOW it looks just like a GIANT jolly jumper 🙂 It looks like you guys had a blast – yay for getting to spend a weekend together, that is sooooo cool !!! Yay – got your email to and I will email you tomorrow, went to the beach and it ended up being an adventure, exhausted now tho off for a bath LOL 🙂

    Would love to see the CJ – Hugs always xoxox and happy easter 🙂

  5. Trace said

    Sounds like a lot of fun Debbie!

  6. Penny said

    He does look happy!

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