Chipmunks, Dress Ups and Hearing Test!

March 18, 2008

I know long Heading!  Well it has been a busy weekend and start of the week!  Firstly on Saturday i headed off to the Gym for a quick cardio work out and then met Richard and David up at Manukau Shopping Centre.  David is loving not being in his pram so much.  He now realises that if he wants to be out of his pram he has to listen to Mummy and Daddy and stop when we say and hold our hands when we say and not run off ahead all the time.  Still a few teething problems there but his understanding is growing so much.  Huge smile as David comes running up to me.  Then it is off out to Chipmunks at Pukekohe.  We got there and it was already crowded and found out that they had 7 parties that day but we did end up staying for just under 1 1/2 hrs and David had a blast

Then quickly over to the Warehouse and Warehouse Stationary and found that Warehouse Stationary had 50 % off their craft products so got some Cloud 9 and Heidi Grace papers.  Started to drive back with picking lunch up along the way and then back to Takanini for the Grocery Shopping with a very tired boy in tow that didn’t want to nap in the car.  Then home and he found energy again.

Sunday was spent having a quiet day and then up to Harvey Normans in the morning for photos for me to use and then after lunch Richard and David went out for a few hours to run some more erands and they arrived home to Roast Beef and all the trimings.

Monday I receivd notification from the SuperClinic that they had received a last min cancellation and we could get David’s hearing test done today so we are off up there this afternoon.  At least once we have these results we will know if his lack of speech is to do with his hearing or not.

Just before I go David is really getting into dress ups at the moment.  In this pic he is wearing Richard’s t-shirt and socks and my shoes.

Take care everyone and I will update again either tonight or tomorrow with David’s test results!

8 Responses to “Chipmunks, Dress Ups and Hearing Test!”

  1. Hannah said

    Good luck with the hearing test! I noticed as soon as Tyler had his test done, he stopped saying “What?” all the time, which just confirmed the diagnosis that his hearing was fine!! But it does pay to get it checked and get some answers.

  2. Christi said

    Wow, I guess I didn’t know that David’s hair was cut. Where are all those beautiful curls?!?!?!? Good luck with the test, Debbie, and I hope you get some answers. I swear sometimes I need Kamryn’s checked too lol but I think hers is more a habit thing more than anything else lol.

  3. Yvette said

    Such cute photos of David!!!
    What a busy fun weekend you guys had!
    Good luck with the hearing test, I hope you find some answers.

  4. nztreasure said

    Good luck with the hearing test! What a busy weekend you had – gosh David is a wee cutie.

  5. Vicki said

    All the best for the hearing test. Great photos.

  6. Mrs Frizz said

    Hopefully it’s not too long before you get the hearing test results … all the best.

  7. Janine said

    good lcukw ith the hearing test.

  8. kitkat said

    I hope you got some answers from the hearing test. We’ve got the speech language therapist coming for a home visit in a couple of weeks so i’m looking forward to getting her assessment. I’m less worried than I was when we first got referred last year, but it definitely pays to get it all checked out by the professionals.

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