March Already? When did that Happen?

March 5, 2008

OMG I truley can’t believe that it is March already – When did that happen????  LOL

David is just loving Daycare and as he goes at the moment only on a Monday, Thursday and Friday the past 2 mornings after he has had breakfast he puts his boots on and then wants me to put his jacket on and do it up and then grabs his Daycare bag and rushes off to the garage wanting Daddy to drop him off!  Well, we had a very disapointed boy this morning when Daddy left without him and the poor thing can’t understand why he isn’t going Mon – Fri.  He still cries when we drop him off but has a blast.

On Monday we had a call to pick him up early as he had been unsettled for a few hours and then he vomited over the afternoon tea table and then again in the changing room so dashed around picked him up and took him to the docs.  He was fine just a bit of a cold and we think as he was great all morning and ate morning tea and lunch that it was just a tummy ache has besides a runny nose he has been fine since.

When we had our meeting back in December with the Early Intervention teacher she asked about him knowing his body parts and pretty much at that time it was either his head or his nose that he knew but not all the time.  Well I am pleased to say since mid January we now have Head, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, tummy, finger and toes!  Toes is only as of the weekend.  He isn’t saying these words but 90% of the time he will point or touch them when you ask him to.  Another huge thing for us is him walking with us holding our hand.  Up until a few weeks ago when ever we tried this he would walk for a step and then drop to the ground and have a little tanty or break free and rush off.  Well, for the last few weeks especially the last week or few days you ask him to hold your hand and he will and last Tuesday he walked around my Inlaw’s property and BIL & SIL’s property in Hamilton holding my hand the whole way.  Both properties are about an acre each!  I am so proud of my little boy.  To some Mum’s and Dad’s these may not be huge things but to us they are.

Saturday, i can’t wait for!  I am having my 2nd all day crop and have 5 wonderful SE forum members coming with Hannah staying over the night!  It is going to be so much fun and I have lots of little surpirses planned for them.

My goal over the next few weeks is to get the house and my studio all organised and all the housework etc caught up on so that I can really start working on my business, doing samples and thinking about doing advertising.  Thinking of also setting up my own little Etsy Shop.  This afternoon I have made a start on some Easter Cards that I am very very happy with.  I will take Pics tomorrow and post them and see what you all think!

Well, best be off David keeps coming to me with an empty bowl telling me he wants more afternoon tea!


5 Responses to “March Already? When did that Happen?”

  1. Hannah said

    Awesome to hear how much David loves daycare! The crying when you drop him off is totally normal, by the way. Tyler still does it after 2 1/2 years (well, he doesn’t exactly “cry” now, but he clings and says “don’t go”). But like David he has a blast and loves it. I guess it’s just the “goodbye” part that is hard for some kids. Ethan was the same until he was about 4 1/2.

    I am super excited about Saturday! Can’t wait for a whole day of ME time, as it is something I simply have not had for many many weeks.

  2. Penny said

    That is great he’s loving it so much 🙂 The crop sounds exciting – have fun!

  3. Julie said

    How cool to be having a day long crop and Hannah sleeping over – isn’t it just awesome how a forum can open up a world for you and we make some amazing friendships. Have fun!!!
    It’ll be a relief for you knowing David loves daycare so much, Jess used to be a wee drama queen when I would drop her at kindy – I would peek through a window after I had left and she would be playing quite happily – go figure. LOL

  4. Christi said

    Have a fabulous day on Saturday!!!! Wish I could join 😦

    It’s good to hear David liking daycare. It was hard for me with both girls. Kamryn started going at 9 months and it got harder about 18 months. Lauryn is so much different starting her at this age. It’ll get better and easier and you will know how he is doing. He’ll let ya know 😉

  5. Mel said

    Hope the crop goes well – and they do eventually grow out of the separation thing – some take longer than others that’s all.

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