Yes they are

March 27, 2008

from Tiffany and Co and when I meant yes they are what you think they are, I was meaning that yes they are from Tiffanys.

Well, truth be told they aren’t actually for me at all!  They are DH’s 10 year long service reward from his work.  He got a silver pen, business card holder and compendium!  Though he arrived home last night from a Business Dinner and handed over the bag and everything was all wrapped up and the checky man let me think for a few secs that they were for me.

He also got another award last night and we get a Dinner out for 2 up to the value of $150.00 any where we want so we are off to this amazing Italian Resturant in the city one day called Toto’s…

Sorry for the suspence laddies, DH thought it would be a great idea and keeps asking me what sort of comments I got!  Wish they were mine though!


Yes, they are what you think they are – fill in more latter!  Have an awesome day everyone!

I submitted the following layout to Up 2 Scrap last Thursday for their New Life Section for their May issue but haven’t heard anything back so take it they didn’t want it this time.  Not too bumbed as I know from reading Yvette’s blog that they got a huge amount for this particular call.

I am going to frame this and give to my special friends Lisa and Ian and family.

Take care everyone!

This morning David and I drove into town with Richard and were dropped off in Ponsonby road on his way to work..  We went for a little walk and ended up at a great shop that i have seen around before but not been into called Redcurrent and purchased myself this awesome new bright pink huge straw bag…..i just love it and will take a pic and post on here…I love it as it will fit david’s wipes container, change of clothes, snack bags, wallet, keys, phone and still have heaps of room and still feel light!

It was then onto a wonderful kid’s oriantated cafe and meeting up with the amazing Trina and her wonderful Son Dan for morning tea and a play!  We met up at a wonderful cafe that some of you may have heard of called “A Spoonful of Sugar

It is great, it is really kid’s orientated and is based in an old Vila!  They have a kids’s play area in a seperate room and the kids are looked after by 2 great qualified nannies….They have an LCD screen tv up on the wall so that we can see into the room and see what they are up to.    Have a great kid’s menu and these awesome kid’s thick plastic knives and forks and spoons…must try and get some…It was great to catch up with Trina and Dan…Unfortunatly Dan wasn’t quite himself but Trina I still think he is an amazing kid and like I said I wish the boys lived closer to each other.  Dan is 6 months younger than David but you wouldn’t know and if I didn’t know better would have thought that Dan was actually a bit older!  David had a great pigs in a blanket which was kranskies wrapped in puff pastry – he nibbled a bit but then noticed Trina’s fruit salad and she kindly gave him som melon which he had never had before and rest is history.  He was hooked and would finish a bit and then smile and put his hand out to trina for more…After he had eaten all her melon (thanks for that Trina – glad that you said that you were off it at the moment and didn’t mind him having it) he attempted and did well with his pigs in blankets and then demolished 1/4 of  bowl of fruit salad i had then got for him….The kids had a play in the play area (charged at $5.00, but i think well worth it as it is a big room and lots and lots to do, at some times during the week they also have story time etc) then Trina and Dan dropped us in Queen St then it was off to look at a couple of shops then off to Richard’s work where he gave us a lift home in his lunch break!

Trina and Dan thanks for a great morning and we will def have to catch up again!

David and I will def be back to A Spoonful of Sugar again – they are open Mon – Sun from 8am – 5pm and then on Sunday have a seperate Family dinner menu on a Sunday night which we will def be trying out!

Thanks to everyone for your continued wonderful comments.  I must appologise for my lack of comments on blogs, i seem to have time to read them but then run out of time to comment so will def be making more time for everyone!

Take care everyone!

Happy Easter

March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!  Wow, i can’t believe that it is Monday afternoon already!  We have had a relaxing weekend but managed to get a bit done.  Friday morning we headed off to the Easter Show and OMG we got there at 11.00am in the morning and it was so hot but so expensive!  Next year we have decided that Richard will take the Thursday off and we will go first thing on the thursday morning.  This was my first time there since I was about 10 or 11.  David had a wonderful time and the best part of the day was seeing our just turned 2 year old on the Vertical Bungy having the time of his life.  Each ride was around 3 mins long and honestly this kid would have kept going and going.  When the guy got him out he wanted to go to the next one and keep going.  Best $10.00 we have ever spent.  Here are a couple of pics.

Sorry, I thought I had changed that around.  Then just as we were leaving we ran into Kung Fu Panda.

Saturday was spent relaxing and baking and then Alice came over and brought over my wonderful CJ that lots of the laddies at SE have completed.  I just love it and will take pics and upload them latter this week.  I was also able to give Alice her Easter Treats as I was matched to her to be her Easter Bunny this year!  She also was naughty and brought over a gift for myself, eggs for David and a bottle of wine from their Wedding for Richard…Much appreciated you wonderful girl Alice.  Then it was over to spend the arvo with Lisa and family!  I got lots of hugs with Cort and just need to get these photos off the camera and then will upload.

Yesterday we went to go to a local Event at the Botanical Gardens but only just got parking and it was so packed and the shortest que was about 50 people for any of the things to do so we went to the Garden Centre, got a few herbs then home.  Today we have been out to Botany to get a few things and then home for lunch and now just catching up on a few things and hopefully maybe some scrapping!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter!

I know long Heading!  Well it has been a busy weekend and start of the week!  Firstly on Saturday i headed off to the Gym for a quick cardio work out and then met Richard and David up at Manukau Shopping Centre.  David is loving not being in his pram so much.  He now realises that if he wants to be out of his pram he has to listen to Mummy and Daddy and stop when we say and hold our hands when we say and not run off ahead all the time.  Still a few teething problems there but his understanding is growing so much.  Huge smile as David comes running up to me.  Then it is off out to Chipmunks at Pukekohe.  We got there and it was already crowded and found out that they had 7 parties that day but we did end up staying for just under 1 1/2 hrs and David had a blast

Then quickly over to the Warehouse and Warehouse Stationary and found that Warehouse Stationary had 50 % off their craft products so got some Cloud 9 and Heidi Grace papers.  Started to drive back with picking lunch up along the way and then back to Takanini for the Grocery Shopping with a very tired boy in tow that didn’t want to nap in the car.  Then home and he found energy again.

Sunday was spent having a quiet day and then up to Harvey Normans in the morning for photos for me to use and then after lunch Richard and David went out for a few hours to run some more erands and they arrived home to Roast Beef and all the trimings.

Monday I receivd notification from the SuperClinic that they had received a last min cancellation and we could get David’s hearing test done today so we are off up there this afternoon.  At least once we have these results we will know if his lack of speech is to do with his hearing or not.

Just before I go David is really getting into dress ups at the moment.  In this pic he is wearing Richard’s t-shirt and socks and my shoes.

Take care everyone and I will update again either tonight or tomorrow with David’s test results!

Firstly I want to say a Huge thanks to everyone that came to the Crop yesterday!  I had an awesome time and so much giggling and fun!  I got a mini album done which I can’t show as it is a gift, an alterted frame which is below and nearly finished 3 pages.  I just need to journal on them and finish off some last minute embalishments.

Unfortunatly Janine and Roo weren’t able to come as Janine hasn’t been very well indeed with a horrible tummy bug.  We missed you both and all hope that you are starting to feel better Janine.

We spent the morning cropping and then after more chocolate and also homemade pizza made by my darling husband for us all we headed off for a quick Road Trip to Arthur’s Emporium.  Then it was back home and Angela was waiting for us with her Scrapping gear and it was into the afternoon for a great lot of cropping.  Hannah stayed the night and we ended up scrapping till about 9.30 and then it was up this morning to a wonderful cooked breakfast by Richard again of Pancakes, Bacon and maple syrup.

I just want to say that you are all wonderful woman and very talented and inspirational!  Just loved all your layouts!

While we were all Scrapping Richard and David headed out to Chipmunks at Pukekohe and OMG my little 2 year old boy is adventrousome.  You would think he was 3-4 sometimes.  He spent Richard said 1 1/2 hours solid playing on everything including the huge blow up slides.  He was adopted by a little girl that by the look of the photos looks 5-6 and she attached herself to David and they played and played together the whole time.  She asked David’s name and I asked Richard what her name was and he goes “oh i didn’t think to ask” – lol so my husband.  Have a lovely pic of the 2 kids so will do a layout titled “The Girl with no name”.  David seems to attract the 4-6 year old girls that just love to hang out with him and are really little mummy’s with him!  David saw this girls pic on Richard’s phone last night of him and her and OMG the huge smile on his face and his eyes were shinging and then burst into tears when we turned the phone off….David darling you are only 2 and you are already looking for the older girls!  Hee hee!

PS – I will upload the layouts I did this week once I finish my journalling!

OMG I truley can’t believe that it is March already – When did that happen????  LOL

David is just loving Daycare and as he goes at the moment only on a Monday, Thursday and Friday the past 2 mornings after he has had breakfast he puts his boots on and then wants me to put his jacket on and do it up and then grabs his Daycare bag and rushes off to the garage wanting Daddy to drop him off!  Well, we had a very disapointed boy this morning when Daddy left without him and the poor thing can’t understand why he isn’t going Mon – Fri.  He still cries when we drop him off but has a blast.

On Monday we had a call to pick him up early as he had been unsettled for a few hours and then he vomited over the afternoon tea table and then again in the changing room so dashed around picked him up and took him to the docs.  He was fine just a bit of a cold and we think as he was great all morning and ate morning tea and lunch that it was just a tummy ache has besides a runny nose he has been fine since.

When we had our meeting back in December with the Early Intervention teacher she asked about him knowing his body parts and pretty much at that time it was either his head or his nose that he knew but not all the time.  Well I am pleased to say since mid January we now have Head, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, tummy, finger and toes!  Toes is only as of the weekend.  He isn’t saying these words but 90% of the time he will point or touch them when you ask him to.  Another huge thing for us is him walking with us holding our hand.  Up until a few weeks ago when ever we tried this he would walk for a step and then drop to the ground and have a little tanty or break free and rush off.  Well, for the last few weeks especially the last week or few days you ask him to hold your hand and he will and last Tuesday he walked around my Inlaw’s property and BIL & SIL’s property in Hamilton holding my hand the whole way.  Both properties are about an acre each!  I am so proud of my little boy.  To some Mum’s and Dad’s these may not be huge things but to us they are.

Saturday, i can’t wait for!  I am having my 2nd all day crop and have 5 wonderful SE forum members coming with Hannah staying over the night!  It is going to be so much fun and I have lots of little surpirses planned for them.

My goal over the next few weeks is to get the house and my studio all organised and all the housework etc caught up on so that I can really start working on my business, doing samples and thinking about doing advertising.  Thinking of also setting up my own little Etsy Shop.  This afternoon I have made a start on some Easter Cards that I am very very happy with.  I will take Pics tomorrow and post them and see what you all think!

Well, best be off David keeps coming to me with an empty bowl telling me he wants more afternoon tea!