Where oh where has the time gone!

February 27, 2008

OMG I can’t believe that it is March on Saturday.  I honestly don’t know where the last 2 weeks have gone let alone the last 2 months since 2008 began.

So what has been happening in my life over the past 2 weeks.  Well, firstly thank you to everyone for your wonderful Happy Birthday comments for David.  I still can’t believe that my little boy is now 2!  We went out that night and had a quiet dinner for him and then home.  Saturday was spent out shopping and having quality family time as the next day Richard was flying to Melbourne for 6 nights.  OMG I so wasn’t looking forward to this as those that have been reading my blog for awhile especially around last June/July know that i don’t tend to cope that well by myself at night and over a period of nights by myself with David but I have huge, huge news!  I got there – 6 nights and then Richard arrived home last Saturday.    I won’t go into a day by day account but just want to record for my own records how proud I am of myself that i got through the last week.  David was the most amazing boy and just loved, loved going to Daycare for 5 days in a row and his teacher’s just love, love him!  On Saturday morning I made the mistake of telling David as soon as I got him up that we were going to pick Daddy up from the Airport that Day.  Well, huge, huge smiles and as soon as I put his socks on as it was quite a cold morning he wanted to put his shoes on and kept going to the window and wanting to know where the taxi was!  He wanted to go then and there and as all you parents will know 2 year olds have no concept of what no, we aren’t going for another 4 hours or so is.  Well we went out to the Airport early, had lunch a big play and watched the planes and then yay Daddy arrived!

Sunday was a busy morning while the boys went out to get David’s birthday cake and last minute party supplies while I tried to get the house in some resemblence of order.  We just had a small party with 4 of David’s friends and had an awesome, awesome afternoon!

Richard has got this week off so on monday we did house stuff while David was at daycare and yesterday the 3 of us went down to Hamilton to see Richard’s family for the day!  Had a great time and a great play outside on their big properties.  Richard’s parents have huge and I mean huge vege gardens etc and David had fun out with his Daddy and Granddad picking potatoes for us to bring home.  Well actually Richard would put the potatoes in the bucket and David would take them out and replace them with dirt.  A great time had by all.

Today the boys headed out at about 9.30 for some boys time together.  After a drive into the city, visit to Richard’s office, David flirting with all female member’s of Daddy’s staff, it was then off to the Vet’s for supplies and then a treat lunch at McDonalds.  Then as the Greenlane Mc Donald’s has an awesome play area Richard said that David played continuisly for an hour then home a rest and then a nap.

Well best be off and must try and find time to download the 130 pics that Richard took on Sunday of David and his friends before, during and after his party!


5 Responses to “Where oh where has the time gone!”

  1. Hannah said

    Way to go Deb on surviving those 6 days! That’s really awesome. I know how much it means for you to have done that, and how you would have been feeling anxious about it. But honestly 6 days on your own is hard enough for any mum, even one who is used to having the odd day or 2 without her hubby around. So well done to you!

    Glad David had a nice birthday and enjoyed his party. Sounds like he’s loving daycare as well which is great!

  2. Mel said

    I used to be a wuss by myself when DH was away (had to get my Dad to sleep over!) but as the kids have grown I no longer find it a problem. Never thought I’d get to that stage – but you will!

  3. Christi said

    Yay, Debbie! Wow and just think how much more confident you are with David! It took Hugh going to 6 days a week work for me to realize that I needed to just take charge and control cause I couldn’t turn to him and do it. But I am the same, I need him around to help and if I really need it he will come home from work. And being in the States for 3 1/2 months on MY own with the girls just made me realize more just how much I can handle! And I’m happy I did it. Good on ya 😉

  4. Penny said

    Good on ya girl – you made it through 🙂 And so nice to be able to spend a day all together after having that time apart.

  5. Mummymoo said

    You should be SUPER PROUD of yourself girl, I am proud of you !!! OMG 130 photos is someone a tad excessive LOL yay can we have a look next weekend?? Too cute about david wanting to head off then and there 🙂 I accidentially mistook a car for Carls and told moo Daddy was home when he wasn’t the look on his little face was so sad when he realised mummy got it wrong 😦

    YAY see you next weekend yay, yay ,yay oh I’m not excited – Yeah Right LOL only 8 more sleeps 🙂

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