Would someone please turn the outside air-conditioning on!

February 11, 2008

Like the majority of the country it is hot and muggy!  It is the mugginess that is truley getting to me!  Yesterday was so still with not even one ounce of breeze but luckly today we have a slight breeze going on.  Hopefully for a cooler night tonight.

So what has been happening in the Blincoe house?  A couple of weeks ago we found out we had to get a new Starter motor which was another $400 for a new one on top of everything else we spent on the car earlier in the month.  But oh well these things happen!  I am trying to not let all these bills get me down.

On February 02nd I had the pleasure of hanging out with 4 members of the SE forum.  Waving out to Louise, Trace, Megan and Annalie, I had a blast but not much energy so didn’t get much done at our all day crop that I hosted but at our next one I am planning on getting lots more done and having a lot more energy.  More on this latter in the post about getting more energy!  The morning started off quiet and relaxed and was going to continue that way until Richard got up and found that some time not much before we got up our water filter on our fridge had started leaking and we had water gushing everywhere.  Luckly he knew where the valve was and stopped it.  Luckly it was only on some of the tiles near the fridge and half our hall way and then latter on found it had gone into David’s wardrobe as well.  To cut a long story short we had a Carpet flood company come, pull up the carpet and take it away and put fans etc in.  The came back to relay the carpet on Friday and it had shrunk by 3.5 – 4 inches so onto the Insurance company to say that yes we would need an acessor to come out.  He came out this morning and is arranging a carpet laying company to come out and measure up, and lay new carpet for us.  Luckly we only have to pay the $250 excess which is still alot but not as much as it could have been.

David is going to Daycare 3 days a week and having a blast be it a bit exhausted when he gets home but that is to be expected.  About 2 and a bit weeks ago they started transitioning him from the baby room to the big kids area that has a 2-3 group, 3-4 group and 4-5 group.  He is loving it and each day seems more settled when we drop him off etc.  This morning after the acessor had been he had his shoes on and I put his bag on his back and he waddled off to the garage to get into the car and turned around and waved at me!  This is big as it was normally hug me mummy so I don’t have to go!  It is his 02nd Birthday on thursday and by conincidence his age area is off to the airport for the morning so he is going to love that.  Wednesday afternoon I am making a pile of vanila cupcakes for him to take to daycare with him.  I managed to find cupcake papers that are red with white hearts on them as he shares his birthday with Valentine’s Day.

Talking of Valentine’s Day I have my first Valentine’s customer who is a good friend of mine.  I am doing a layout for him and that is going in a shadow box and also a Maya Rd Mini album which is going into a Maya Rd Chipboard box.  I will upload pics once finished.  Just started Richard’s little pressie today!  We have a date night on Friday and are off to have Fish n Chips on the beach which will be fun!

Now, a little more info about hopefully having more energy.  I haven’t been 100% for awhile with tummy cramps, aches and not wanting to eat much or being nauceus alot.  Well Doc things I might have Reflux minus the burning sensation.  So I am on Losec for awhile and then this friday if that doesn’t work he will look at me getting a Stomach scan and then possibly a endiscope done.  Who knows how long it will take to get an appt!

Well best be off as my little man will be home soon!  Next post will hopefully have lots of pics!


7 Responses to “Would someone please turn the outside air-conditioning on!”

  1. Hannah said

    Sorry to hear about you not being well, I do hope that the medicine helps and that the scans will help to figure out the problem.
    I’m glad to hear that David is enjoying daycare! A little time to settle in was all he needed.

    I’m looking forward to the all-day crop next month, it will be wonderful!

  2. Penny said

    I’m with you on the AC.

    Sure you’re not preggers? *tease*
    Hope the Losec helps. I’m sure the weather saps energy too because it makes it hard to sleep.

  3. Mummymoo said

    Yay you are back and I was getting worried!! Good luck with the Losec – others I know have had really great results so I am sure you will to 🙂

    Yay for David the big 2 wow that is fantasic and he is sounding so much more confident with daycare that is fantastic,

    Sorry about the water, OMG what a mess. Glad the insurance will sort it tho, you are right a lot of money but not as bad as it could have been !!

    Yay so hope you are feeling more yourself soon tho I know what it is like to feel well…..yuck!!

    Okay now you have promised pics I will hold you to it LOL 🙂

    Take care you that is an order and I know where you live hee hee hee xoxox

  4. Yvette said

    Sorry you haven’t been feeling 100%. Look after yourself! I hope you get some answers to your not being 100%
    it is great David is happy at daycare. Party, Party, have a great day all of you!

  5. Vicki said

    Good luck with the medication – hope its works for you. Glad that all is well with David at daycare – he seems to have really taken to it.

  6. yaseennz said

    Oh I hope the new meds help and you feel better soon and it’s nothing too serious.
    Glad to heat the daycare is going so well.

  7. kitkat said

    I hope the Losec has started working for you and you are feeling better. Losec is s a familiar medicine my house as my little boy has been on it since he was 3mths old for reflux. Poor kid probably inherited it from me as I am also prone to it (I’ve got my own supply of losec & have had a couple of endoscopies too). Take care.

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