OMG I can’t believe that it is March on Saturday.  I honestly don’t know where the last 2 weeks have gone let alone the last 2 months since 2008 began.

So what has been happening in my life over the past 2 weeks.  Well, firstly thank you to everyone for your wonderful Happy Birthday comments for David.  I still can’t believe that my little boy is now 2!  We went out that night and had a quiet dinner for him and then home.  Saturday was spent out shopping and having quality family time as the next day Richard was flying to Melbourne for 6 nights.  OMG I so wasn’t looking forward to this as those that have been reading my blog for awhile especially around last June/July know that i don’t tend to cope that well by myself at night and over a period of nights by myself with David but I have huge, huge news!  I got there – 6 nights and then Richard arrived home last Saturday.    I won’t go into a day by day account but just want to record for my own records how proud I am of myself that i got through the last week.  David was the most amazing boy and just loved, loved going to Daycare for 5 days in a row and his teacher’s just love, love him!  On Saturday morning I made the mistake of telling David as soon as I got him up that we were going to pick Daddy up from the Airport that Day.  Well, huge, huge smiles and as soon as I put his socks on as it was quite a cold morning he wanted to put his shoes on and kept going to the window and wanting to know where the taxi was!  He wanted to go then and there and as all you parents will know 2 year olds have no concept of what no, we aren’t going for another 4 hours or so is.  Well we went out to the Airport early, had lunch a big play and watched the planes and then yay Daddy arrived!

Sunday was a busy morning while the boys went out to get David’s birthday cake and last minute party supplies while I tried to get the house in some resemblence of order.  We just had a small party with 4 of David’s friends and had an awesome, awesome afternoon!

Richard has got this week off so on monday we did house stuff while David was at daycare and yesterday the 3 of us went down to Hamilton to see Richard’s family for the day!  Had a great time and a great play outside on their big properties.  Richard’s parents have huge and I mean huge vege gardens etc and David had fun out with his Daddy and Granddad picking potatoes for us to bring home.  Well actually Richard would put the potatoes in the bucket and David would take them out and replace them with dirt.  A great time had by all.

Today the boys headed out at about 9.30 for some boys time together.  After a drive into the city, visit to Richard’s office, David flirting with all female member’s of Daddy’s staff, it was then off to the Vet’s for supplies and then a treat lunch at McDonalds.  Then as the Greenlane Mc Donald’s has an awesome play area Richard said that David played continuisly for an hour then home a rest and then a nap.

Well best be off and must try and find time to download the 130 pics that Richard took on Sunday of David and his friends before, during and after his party!


Yes it is Valentine’s Day and in this house that means a double dose of celebrating as it is 2 years ago today that our darling son David entered into our lives. Yes we officially have a 2 year old boy in the house. Just a short post. Made the vanilla cupcakes yesterday and iced them this morning and surprised David when we got him up with a Wiggles bag full of stuff! It was actually full of Bob the Builder Stuff as I decided to be on time and actually put the stuff on layby when I did his Christmas shopping.  Little did I know that Bob would still be in but not as much as the Wiggles.  We dropped him and the cupcakes off to daycare and out of conicidence his room is off to the Airport for a field trip this morning so he will have heaps of fun there!

We are having a party on the 24th as it works out better then and David will feel like he is having 2 birthdays!  Though not sure if he understands the concept yet!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about his photos!  I agree he is gorgious but hey i am biased!

Well will update more latter but just have to finish off my friend’s Valentine’s Gifts for his girlfriend before he comes over at 2.30.  God I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she opens it all up!

Have an awesome Valentine’s Day everyone!

2 Days in a Row – Wow!

February 12, 2008

2 Days in a Row posting – wow!  Wonder if I can keep this up!

Now I promised more pics on my blog posts and here goes.  I am going to try for more scrapping layouts and project photos but just need to finalise them and then will post.

These pics are of David wearing Mummy’s bandana’s that she brought when she had her head shaved.  I just love, love these pics and can’t wait to scrap them.

This morning I had David’s old babysitter over and we did some scrapping.  I have been finishing off the layout for the Shadow box and the little mini album for my friend’s Valentine’s Pressie for his girlfriend.  Wow, I hope that they like them.  I will upload pics for you to see as soon as I can.  He is okay with me posting them!

It was very overcast this morning and then you could feel it cool down and then the rain hit but only for about 45 mins or so which in saying that is more than we have had in ages.  I hope that all of you with Tanks if you got rain this morning got enough to get some more water in your tanks.

I am hosting another crop here at my place on Saturday 08th March from 10.00am until 10.00pm.  At the moment there is around 7-8 of us so it should be great.  If anyone from out of town wants to come and needs to sleep over just let me know as we have plenty of space.  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

Thank you all for your good wishes about me not being 100%.  I promise I will take it easy and look after myself.  Hopefully be able to put a plan of action into effect on Friday after my doc’s appointment!

You are all such a wonderful group of supportive woman that I am lucky to have in my life.

Also I have a Xyron Personal Cutting System that I am wanting to sell for a really good deal if anyone is wanting one or know’s anyone that is!  I am happy to pass it on and have the person pay it off.

Take care!

Like the majority of the country it is hot and muggy!  It is the mugginess that is truley getting to me!  Yesterday was so still with not even one ounce of breeze but luckly today we have a slight breeze going on.  Hopefully for a cooler night tonight.

So what has been happening in the Blincoe house?  A couple of weeks ago we found out we had to get a new Starter motor which was another $400 for a new one on top of everything else we spent on the car earlier in the month.  But oh well these things happen!  I am trying to not let all these bills get me down.

On February 02nd I had the pleasure of hanging out with 4 members of the SE forum.  Waving out to Louise, Trace, Megan and Annalie, I had a blast but not much energy so didn’t get much done at our all day crop that I hosted but at our next one I am planning on getting lots more done and having a lot more energy.  More on this latter in the post about getting more energy!  The morning started off quiet and relaxed and was going to continue that way until Richard got up and found that some time not much before we got up our water filter on our fridge had started leaking and we had water gushing everywhere.  Luckly he knew where the valve was and stopped it.  Luckly it was only on some of the tiles near the fridge and half our hall way and then latter on found it had gone into David’s wardrobe as well.  To cut a long story short we had a Carpet flood company come, pull up the carpet and take it away and put fans etc in.  The came back to relay the carpet on Friday and it had shrunk by 3.5 – 4 inches so onto the Insurance company to say that yes we would need an acessor to come out.  He came out this morning and is arranging a carpet laying company to come out and measure up, and lay new carpet for us.  Luckly we only have to pay the $250 excess which is still alot but not as much as it could have been.

David is going to Daycare 3 days a week and having a blast be it a bit exhausted when he gets home but that is to be expected.  About 2 and a bit weeks ago they started transitioning him from the baby room to the big kids area that has a 2-3 group, 3-4 group and 4-5 group.  He is loving it and each day seems more settled when we drop him off etc.  This morning after the acessor had been he had his shoes on and I put his bag on his back and he waddled off to the garage to get into the car and turned around and waved at me!  This is big as it was normally hug me mummy so I don’t have to go!  It is his 02nd Birthday on thursday and by conincidence his age area is off to the airport for the morning so he is going to love that.  Wednesday afternoon I am making a pile of vanila cupcakes for him to take to daycare with him.  I managed to find cupcake papers that are red with white hearts on them as he shares his birthday with Valentine’s Day.

Talking of Valentine’s Day I have my first Valentine’s customer who is a good friend of mine.  I am doing a layout for him and that is going in a shadow box and also a Maya Rd Mini album which is going into a Maya Rd Chipboard box.  I will upload pics once finished.  Just started Richard’s little pressie today!  We have a date night on Friday and are off to have Fish n Chips on the beach which will be fun!

Now, a little more info about hopefully having more energy.  I haven’t been 100% for awhile with tummy cramps, aches and not wanting to eat much or being nauceus alot.  Well Doc things I might have Reflux minus the burning sensation.  So I am on Losec for awhile and then this friday if that doesn’t work he will look at me getting a Stomach scan and then possibly a endiscope done.  Who knows how long it will take to get an appt!

Well best be off as my little man will be home soon!  Next post will hopefully have lots of pics!