This title is so true.  It has been so hot the past few days that I haven’t managed to get much work done at all!  The house is a mess, I have lots of scrapping to catch up on and i really should exercise but muggy and hot def = nothing getting done!

Sorry that i haven’t blogged latley, we have either had guests staying, lots to catch up on or in my case for 3 days last week a horrible gastro bug and fever!  Luckly Richard was able to work from home so that was great.  Feeling 100% better now but just need to catch up on my lack of energy!

Friday we had a friend arrive from Hamtilon for the evening.  Ange was off to pick up a friend and her son from the Airport first thing Saturday morning.  We had just finished dinner when she got a txt to say that they had been off loaded off the plane.  Turns out they were overbooked so a Mother and 8 year old got off loaded in LAX for the night.  To save having to go back to Hamilton for the day we all went out Shopping and then Ange stayed Saturday night and picked them up Sunday morning.

Sunday we headed around to Lisa’s house.  I had made the big decision that when she started losing her hair due to Chemo that I would cut mine off as well!  Well we were going to have a head shaving party but it had started to come out quite a bit on sunday so we came home and shaved my head and she shaved hers.  Here are before and after pics.



I am actually really enjoying having short hair.  It is sooo hot at the moment even with hardly any hair so I can’t imagine what it would be like with lots of hair.  Have saved some of the hair and with these and a few in between pics I am going to do a layout!

I have a friend (david’s old babysitter) coming over tomorrow morning to scrap so that will be great.  She looks after 2 other boys as well a 5 and 7 year old so they will have fun here tomorrow as well.  My big goal over the next few days is to finish my layouts i started 2 weeks ago and take pics of them and upload them onto here.

A layout that I want to start tomorrow is doing the January Sketch from the SE forum that Megan has loaded.  I think it is an awesome sketch!  I also have January’s kit so need to sit down and have a really good look through it.

Well, best be off Louise is poping around for a bit this arvo so need to try and get some housework done before hand as we will probably chat non stop once she is here.

Also looking forward to a 12 hour scrap crop that I am hosting on Saturday 02nd Feb.  Can’t wait!  To those reading that are coming i have some great surprises for you!


Scrapping Mojo back!

January 11, 2008

Yay my scrapping mojo is back!  Well it has been back since Monday.  Alot has actually happened since Monday.

Monday – My DS David started at Daycare.  He has been tearful in the morning but they have said that he is a great kid and he settles down once he has been outside to play etc.  He will be okay I know but I do worry!  Typical Mother but he seems to love the place.  He is going Monday, Thursday and Friday!  They fill out a little book each day and it comes home so what Richard and I have decided is that I am going to copy these comments down each day and do at least a page each week on what he has been doing at Daycare and put this into an Album that I have especially brought for Daycare.  Yesterday they played in the paddling pool.  On Monday we had been asked by one of his great teachers if he was allowed to go in the water as some of the Mum’s & Dad’s don’t like their kids getting wet or probably dirty.  He has a change of clothes I said go for it.  So yesterday he came home after loving his pool time.  Well today they were off to Totra Park for a few hours in the paddling pool and playing which I know he will just love!

On Sunday we had our friends from Wellington Jo & Derek and their 2 kids arrive.  The adults were going to Waiheke on Monday and we were having their 11 year old son and 12 year old daughter for 2 days and then they would come back for 2 nights.  Monday was David’s first day at Daycare so we stayed home and the kids did some OTP projects and I completed Richard’s Mini Album Anniversary pressie!  Will take a pic and post.  Well that isn’t where my scrapping stopped.  Since then I have just about completed 3 layouts, one is def done and the other 2 just need something else.  I was going to submit to this Months For keeps call but the layouts weren’t ready so going to submit next Month!  I am going to take pics and if I can will show on here but will have to check as I might want to submit a couple of them.  I am just loving scrapping at the moment.

Tuesday it was off with the kids and Richard in tow to take the 11 year old to Games Warehouse in Sylvia Park to spend his christmas money and then off to Botany for the 12 year old to spend her voucher at Whitcouls.  It is fustrating that they don’t have a Whitcouls at Sylvia Park.  Could be becuase of the Borders but then at the new Albany Mall they have both!  Then it was home and more scrapping!

Richard is off call now so we are looking forward to a wonderful family weekend!

We are also $1700 worse off than we were this time last week!  We have had to get the car seen to as the Air – Conditioning compresser has gone and so $1100 for that and other things, $200 for the check this morning along with oil change and other things and then Home Tune had to take away to their garage and they don’t have Courtesy vehichles so we have had to rent a little car for 5 days until Tuesday!  Yay not!  We def need a car and can’t be without one!

Sorry for not updating this blog more.  I am going to try and do this more this year!  Take care and look forward to getting your comments!