Belated Merry Christmas, Meeting new friends in person and Keys, keys, keys!

December 30, 2007

Okay long title I know but trust me it will all make sense real soon as you read this Blog entry.  Just a warning this is going to be a long post so I would suggest getting a nice cold drink and making up a vege and/or fruit platter and sitting back and just relaxing.

Firstly a huge Belated Merry Christmas to everyone that read’s my blog and their families!  I can’t believe that it is already New Year’s Eve!  Christmas Day seemed to go so fast.  On Dec 23rd Richard and David drove down to Katikati to pick up my mum and dad!  This was their first Christmas away from Katikati since they retired down there 11 years ago.  David just loved having his Nanny & Poppa staying with us!  It was great to see how well and how much bonding went on between David and my Dad.  Their favourite game was Dad would go down stairs off the deck and David would throw all his balls down to Dad and he would throw them back.  They did this for hours.  It is great seeing my dad get around.  When Richard first met him he was having to get around with 2 walking sticks and now he only very occasionally needs the stick and plays on the ground with David and runs after him which is something i never dreamed he would do again.  I will fill you in more on Dad if you are interested in future posts of what was actually wrong!

We had a lovely relaxing Christmas Day.  Pancakes and Bacon for breakfast and then I made a Christmas lunch which we had about 2pm.  After that we loaded our very full selves into the car and drove out to Maratei but the back way and OMG the amount of people we saw collecting shellfish!  Then it was home for Pavlova and Ice Cream and a very quiet night.  Boxing Day Morning was spent going back to the old neighbour hood that i grew up in!  The house I grew up in we could see from our neigbour’s house that we were visiting and wow what a change.  Put it this way.  I grew up in Grey Lynn in the 70’s and 80’s and it supposdly wasn’t the place to live.  Now it is just like Ponsonby and in the 11 years since Mum and Dad sold the house if they were to sell it in the condition it was 11 years ago they would easily get at least 3 1/2 times more.  So I hate to think how much it is worth now that it is all done up!  We then quickly braved Botany which I regretted afterwards and then home.  Mum and Dad left on Thursday afternoon.

We had a quiet Friday and then Saturday morning after Breakfast headed down to have a belated Christmas with Richard’s family!  Weather wasn’t looking the best going down but wow it definatly heated up and I got a sunburned arm on the way home. 

Yesterday we started our journey up to Whangarei at about 7.45 with a drive thru breakfast stop at Greenlane for Mc Donalds.  We were heading up to Whangarei to meet Janine (Mummymoo) and her wonderful family for the day!  It was soo awesome to finally meet in person.  Our local paper had suggested over the holiday period if we were heading north of Welsford to go SH16 which for those not in Auckland is via the Nth Western Motorway and then out West and through Kumeu, Helensville and sorry in advance for the spelling Kawkopakopa!  What a beautiful way and it was soo quiet and hardly any one on the road.  Quickly stopped at Welsford for a Play and Sunscreen break and then it was Northbound.  After picking up some fruit and chesese to make a fruit platter (Thanks Hannah for the inspiration) we found our way to Janine’s.  Janine it was sooo great to finally meet you in person.  You have a wonderful son and husband.  It was great to see Ethan and David playing together!  Janine’s husband made us yummy blueberry pancakes and bacon for lunch.  Thanks Carl they were yummy!  Then it was off to the beach!  Sorry Janine must get the name off you as I have totally forgotten it!  Well, put it this way the moment my water baby saw the beach and water he was off with Daddy running after him.  It was a very very hot day but the water was cold but David didn’t seem to care at all about the cold.  Richard had to keep bringing him in and then the huge tantrum started when he was brought up to me becuase he was just shaking so much.  Janine said she didn’t know such a little body could shake so much!  Well while Daddy raced to get his change of clothes I am struggling to dry him and get his wet togs and long togs top off him while he is strugglying to run back down to the water again. Well we finally got him dressed and had to put him the pram to stop him launching himself into the sea to play again.  Well, normally i would just let a tantrum ride out if he was safe and fine but it was just mean having him sit in the pram and seeing the beach and water so it was quicly back to the car and back to Janine’s with an ice block/ice cream pick up on the way back.  Okay Drama # 1 for the day done and dusted!  He was perfectly happy back in the car especially after a lemonade ice block.

Get back to Janine’s and i start getting stuff to get changed into out of the boot and thought David was well away from the car so shut the boot and turned around to find my little boy’s finger tips stuck in the boots door!!!  I felt like the worst mother in the world and everyone can testify to the fact that all i could mutter was keys, keys, keys….Richard quickly opened the boot, i scooped him up and janine and i went and got frozen veges and a big hug for David.  At the start there were just slight little dents and then they disapeared and then some arnica latter and he jumped off my lap and started playing.  With no damage that we could see to his fingers, using them fine, bending etc and no bruising and colour loss!  Just mummy breathing fast and trying to stop freaking out.  I kept thinking of a recent blog post from Evana talking about her son who is younger than david getting his fingers jamed in a door inside their house!  Thankfully nothing like that!  So that explains the ending of the title and Drama # 2

After a nice shower, clean clothes and relaxing chatting to Janine and Carl, I could easly have stayed there for hours we headed home.  The traffic wasn’t looking bad so we decided to brave Orewa.  Well the snail of traffic started just as we were going past the new Johnstone’s Tunnels and continued to the outskirts of Orewa!  We were moving which was a bonus.  We ended up grabing dinner on the way home and eating it in the car as we drove home and then home, David had a play, bath and then off to bed for Everyone.  Once we were home and relaxing we confirmed what the 3rd Drama for the day was and that was a majorly sunburned back for me….I had only been sitting in my dress on the beach for about half an hour and thought i was under the umbrealla.  It is all okay now still red but keep putting after sun on it and it will be okay.

I admire you all if you are still reading this!  Take care everyone and I will post another post next year (hee hee tomorrow) along with some photos.

9 Responses to “Belated Merry Christmas, Meeting new friends in person and Keys, keys, keys!”

  1. Hannah said

    Wow, you’ve been busy!! Glad to hear that you had a lovely Christmas, it’s great that your parents were able to be up for it.
    It sounds like you had a really lovely time with Janine up in Whangarei. You should have told me you were doing the trip, you could have stopped here on your way or your way home! We would have loved to have you and show you our little beach. Perhaps another day?
    Ouch at the fingers shut in the boot and the sunburn!!! I’m glad David’s fingers are okay and I hope the sunburn settles down for you.

  2. Janine said

    Hee hee I made it to the end LOL it was the coolest day thank you so much, stink you got hung up in trafic around Johnson’s tunnels, going up that hill can be a pain in first gear LOL

    Am sending you a real email 🙂 But thanks for a great day moo is completely shattered today hee hee I think we might have worn him out, hope David is not to tired yay see you soon when we come down 🙂

    Oh yeah sorry the beach is Whangaumu or Wellingtons Bay to the locals 😉 out on the Tutukaka Coast, a beautiful spot and even better in winter when its not crowded ……:)

  3. Annie said

    great to read about your adventures. Happy New Year to you all and keep up your blog, I love reading it.
    I may even start mine up again in the new year – lol!!!
    Have a good one.

  4. Mrs Frizz said

    Well then … what’s life without a few drama’s??? Sounds like everyone had a full on day … look forward to seeing your pics.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. ruthnz said

    ouch poor David, glad his finger is ok

  6. Penny said

    Seems like lots of us went up north!

    Bummer about the dramas but sounds like there were good bits in between 🙂

  7. Wow that was good reading:-)
    Ouch to poor wee Davids fingers though.
    Cool that you got to spend the day with Janine – (if you visit them again you must let me know so I can gatecrash lol)
    Happy new year to you

  8. yaseennz said

    Oh sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. It’s so wonderful that you could share this special time with your parents!
    How lovely you had such a fab time with Janine and her family, bummer about the dramas, but then at least they were just mini dramas and resolved themselves. Have a wonderful 2008!

  9. Angela said

    Dramas!!! Sounds like everything sorted itself out, and that you enjoyed your time with family and friends.

    Isn’t it funny to see developments, both good and bad, in the areas you grew up in. Not too much has changed in my home town, but it’s still interesting to go for a drive around and see whats happened.

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