First Daycare Visit & Mexican Food!

December 17, 2007

Hee hee strange title I know but these are 2 things that my day has and is going to consist of.  This morning Richard, David and I headed down to David’s daycare for a little visit and play!  I think David was a little overwhelmed with all the kids and all the different toys.  Understandably he clung to me a bit but then sat with some of the kids and started to do a picture and then took off playing and playing.  He is a total outdoors boy as he kept gazing out their gate looking at the older kids playing outside!  We were shown around the whole place and David had no problem with us not being in the same room!  We atempted to get him to eat lunch with the other kids but he wasn’t interested in the food at all!  Just a little overwhelmed I think!  We are back there on Friday for a play and for him to get used to the place some more.

The Mexican Food?  Well tonight Richard and I are off out to his Christmas Party at the Mexican Cafe so should be a great time.  Mmm thinking i might have to have an ice cold magarita! 

Beautiful hot day here today!  Let’s hope the nice weather keeps up!


6 Responses to “First Daycare Visit & Mexican Food!”

  1. Yum magaritas and mexican food – what could be better? lol
    Daycare sounds like it was fun for David – cool!

  2. Penny said

    Hope he settles quickly for you 🙂 They soon lean to enjoy i.

    WTg on the printer – it’s so good being able to print your own.

  3. Hannah said

    Glad to hear he loves the daycare! I’m sure he’ll settle in really well.

    Hope you enjoyed the mexican dinner! I love Mexican … especially with a couple of margaritas!! 😉

  4. Trina said

    LOL at your title. I love daycare and I love mexican so to me it works! Hehehe.

    Cool to hear that David enjoyed his visit! When does he start? You won’t know yourself!

  5. yaseennz said

    Oh that sounds like a very successful first daycare visit!
    Yummy I love mexican food!, hope you had a fab time:)

  6. Mrs Frizz said

    Merry Christmas to my scrapping buddy. Hope you have had a wonderful few days.
    Take care.

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