14 Days until Christmas!

December 9, 2007

Wow, I just can’t believe that it is only 14 days until Christmas!  Wow, it is going to be a busy few weeks.  I have 3 orders to get to clients by 20th December but even though it is going to be frantic to get it all busy but I am just loving it as 2 of the projects are OTP and I am loving it.  I will ask permission from the clients and will post pics of everything next week or when i finish them!  I am doing 3 Callanders for Richard’s office manager, Alterted MDF letters for one client for her 8 month old for Christmas and 2 ABC albums for another client for her 2 daughter’s for Christmas!  Today is going to be list and planning day for the next 2 weeks!

Sorry for the lack of recipies but def going to post today! Saturday morning we headed down to Wellington for Richard’s best friend’s birthday party!  Flew down, drove up to Upper Hutt to our Motel and then down to Silverstream.  Richard had one task that afternoon and that was to take the birthday boy out for at least 1 1/2 hours so his eldest could do the most amazing surprize.  While the boys were out BJ and his friend Phil made up the idea that Jo his mum had got from a Christmas email she had received from a friend.  It was a Christmas Tree made with beer bottles (they used Stellar) with round glass inbetween the layers.  Looked amazing and just waiting on a photo and will post then.  Looked truley amazing especially when it went dark and we had a red light under the table.  David was the youngest by 4 years there and we thought he would fall asleep in his pram in the lounge with the tv on but no this boy was fighting going to sleep big time so by the time we got back to the motel the poor thing had been awake from 7.00am until 10.30pm with an hours nap in the middle.  Well into pj’s and then bottle and off to bed.  He just didn’t want to go to sleep and knew he wouldn’t even if we put him down in one of the rooms on the bed…he is a party animal and hates to miss a good party!  Well awake the next morning and then back to Jo and Derek’s for a BBQ Breakfast brunch and just before we left the older 11 year old girls took him up to the tramp.  Tammy was sitting in the middle and david would just run around and around the tramp mat with someone watching incase he fell…Well, poor thing became overheated and then into the car and after a bottle fell asleep for a good hour even with stopping at Kiwiscraps to get a few supplies for me and woke up for about 2-3 mins on the way through town and then back alseep and didn’t wake up until we had half the car unpacked!

Well, home now and today going to try and catch up with stuff, off out at lunch to do the grocery shopping!  Will try and get some Christmas Baking done today.

Well, thing I need to pick the brain’s of the mummy’s out there.  Up until last Thursday David just loved, loved having a bath.  This was a thing that since he was about 6 months old or so has been just him and Daddy time and I pop in once during the bath to have a little play etc.  Well last thursday night Richard was at a Work dinner/meeting and i went to give him a bath after dinner and OMG you could see how scared he was.  I wanted him to get used to me giving him a bath and now he screams and cries when even Daddy goes to give him a bath he cries and screams.  He has let him give him a couple of quick showers.  Last night I mentioned bath after dinner and he started to cry so I went and hopped into the bath and played with his toys but he didn’t really want to come in at all.  He doesn’t seem to mind the room it is just the bath.  I know it was probably totally out of routine for him for me to give him a bath and richard was wondering if the water was too warm but it was even before he got into the bath.  Any suggestions would be great!  I hate seeing him like this.  He naturally loves water and away from the bath is fine!


6 Responses to “14 Days until Christmas!”

  1. Penny said

    Tim went through a stage like that too. He got scared of the plug I think. Even now (at 4) he’s a bit nervous about the plug. I just did some weeks of showers and mummy-in-the-bath time too. You can stick him in the bath and have a kind of bird bath with a dish and pouring utensils. It got better but it was so annoying at the time!

  2. Hannah said

    I’ve never had to personally deal with fear of the bath, but I know others who have. They tried putting their little ones into their swimsuits for their bath. I know it’s hard to clean them properly, but it’s only supposed to be temporary until they get used to it again. Another idea is to use one of those floating rings/boats that you can get for the beach/pool.

  3. Yvette said

    Wow busy weekend for you. Isaac is a party animal too!
    As for the bath problem, I may not be much help but I did wonder if you made it different, like using food colouring to make it interesting for him. How is he at the pool? Just wondering if it is water or just the bath.
    I do know that when we take Isaac out of his normal routine he will resort to old habits. e.g we have been so busy and his routine so disrupted, he has taken to waking in the middle of the night again. So it may just be a matter of time before he takes to the bath again, I hope so.

  4. scrapbookessentialsnz said

    Paige was like this so we bought some of those soap pens that they can draw on themselves with and get clean at the same time, also perhaps he could pick out some new bath toys that are only for bath time – hope he gets back to being a water baby soon for you Deb!

  5. yaseennz said

    Sounds like you had a fab and busy weekend away. No bath tips from me sorry but looks like there’s some cool tips there already , so good luck with it:)

  6. Nic Howard said

    Hi Deb,
    Ok so I’m only like 3 weeks late with this piece of advice, but you’ll know if it happens again with the bath.
    First – try wrapping him tight in a towel before you put him in – let the towel get wet. Extra security helps sometimes.
    But better still – FOOD COLOURING! I’m disappointed more Mums don’t know about this. Buy 4 colours of food colouring. Before each bath, let David point out what colour he wants. Run the bath and put a few drops in. let David mix it. It doesn’t stain anything.

    Abby being nearly 4 years old now chooses what mix of colours she wants. Red and Yellow will make orange etc.

    Just an idea tro make it fun?

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