Thank you

December 6, 2007

all for all your wonderful support and comments!

Well 9.30 this morning came along and David and I greeted the lady that would be doing the assement at the door and David took an imediate shine to her which was good.  She ended up sitting on the floor with david and was just watching David and mostly asking us questions for an hour.  She has said that physcially etc he is doing really well and a very friendly boy.  They are keeping his case open and we will be working with a Speech Threapist and an EIT (Early Intervention teacher) here at home and when he starts day care which she thinks will really help him alot.  I said that were waiting for the new day care to open and had enrolled him for 2 days a week and she said straight off she didn’t think it would be long enough for him so we are going to do 3 days a week all day when it opens.  She is sending us along stratigies and ideas of things to do in the meantime.  At the moment we don’t think he has a hearing problem.  Will see how things go.  The EIT is going to play based therapy with him and work out just where he is at.  Today was more an Assment day!  I have mixed feelings about this morning. I am really happy that we are onto thigns and that but was just hard to get her to give her personal opionon.  I would ask her a question and she would start by saying “From what you are saying” but hey we will get there.  She thought David was wonderful!  They are going to work with him on learning body parts, and different animals just to name a few.

After she left I rung the day care to see if they had a more definative date as to when the new centre would be opening and she said unfortunatly with christmas/new year they can’t get people to work so it won’t be until feb/march as they have to get the Ministry of Education to come in and access the new place.  So I took a stand and asked if they had any places at the current centre in the under 2’s room.  Well after some discussion and a telephone call back they have offered us a full time position from 07th Jan or part time mon, thus, fri from 07th Jan.  The full time position is held by a child that is leaving the room 21 Dec but she said she thought it would be nice for David to have Christmas/New Year and a chance to go away before he started.  We are really thinking of the 3 days for now but just need to double check figures and work out things with Richard but will have a decision made by tomorrow!

I will post 3 recipies tomorrow!

Hopefully fingers crossed off to Coffee Group in Puni tomorrow which will be great for David and then he is at Cheryl’s for the afternoon.

Take care everyone!

7 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Trina said

    Yay, all sounds really positive. Awesome news.

  2. Hannah said

    Sounds like a good assessment and it’s good that they don’t think he has a hearing problem. Great news about getting into daycare, I’m absolutely positive that will help his speech immensely.

  3. I have been thinking about how things were going for you today. I am glad to hear that the assessment went ok. Good that David is young and you are getting onto things now.

  4. yaseennz said

    Good news about the assessment and the daycare. Being with other kids is bound to be helpful. And great you set all in motion so early on.

  5. Penny said

    Good news, and great to be able to do something positive. I think it’s hard for those assessors to commit to a particular stand because of the possibility of getting it wrong – especially when the child is so young.

  6. Mrs Frizz said

    You will be stoked that the assessment is now over and done with … he will come about of his shell and his speech will improve markedly with all the new interaction at day care … David will be a different little boy.

  7. kitkat said

    It’s great you have a plan now and there are no hearing issues. I must get onto arranging an assessment for my son. He had his hearing tested at the hospital a couple of days ago and the good news is he has perfect hearing. He is being referred to a speech language therapist though (but it looks like we will have to pay privately if we want action sooner rather than later).

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