Christmas Recipies Day 2-

December 3, 2007

Thank you to everyone for your comments about yesterday’s recpies.  So glad that everyone liked the sound of the spicy nuts.  Also thank you all for your well wishes on David’s accessment on Thursday.  Once we know the outcome I will let all of you know.  It is great to have so much support!

Today’s recepie is an adaptation of one called Kiwi Crisps which is a chocolate chip cookie made with condensend milk.  I make an adapattion of this with cocoa in it and 2 different kinds of chocolate chips in it.  This year i have decided to adapted it even more and have people waiting in the wings for their special boxes of these.

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Overload

4 Tbs Sugar

350g Flour – less 2 Tablespoons

4 Tablespoons Chocolate Condensend Milk

250g Butter

2 Tsp Baking Power

2 Tbs Cocoa

Dark, milk and white chocolate chips or drops

Cream butter and sugar then mix in condensend milk.  Add other ingredients except chocolate.  Once combined mix in chocolate chips.  Roll into balls, size is dependent on you and then flatten.  I cook in a Fan bake oven at 150C for 12 minutes.  Leave on tray for 2-3 mins then put onto cooling rack.  We found with the chocolate condenced milk they aren’t as firm as normal but that is fine.

Once completly cool, melt chocolate of your choice and dip half the cookie into the chocolate and set on baking paper.


Well, must be off – my hayfever is playing up something cronic at the moment so it is just so draining on me at the moment.  David has just gone to his babysitters and i am going to take 30 mins to myself and curl up on the sofa with an ice cold drink!


3 Responses to “Christmas Recipies Day 2-”

  1. Hannah said

    That recipe is basically my choc chip cookie recipe but I’ve never tried it with the chocolate condensed milk or the different kinds of choc chips. I have added cocoa to mine though. I will definitely try this! I’ve got a can of that choc condensed milk in the pantry which I bought to “experiment” with but hadn’t found time! 😉

  2. Angela said

    Oooh, that sounds divine, yes, like Hannah, similar to my recipe already, but I love the sound of using the choc condensed milk and then dipping them aswell, very decadent!!!

  3. yaseennz said

    Oh oh you’re gonna make me fat LOL!

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