First Christmas Decoration Purchases

November 1, 2007

Yes, I thought I would go ahead and change the blog header of my blog to make me fell more Christmasy….I just love, love, love Christmas.  While out today I purchased this awesome Felt Christmas Tree with 1 – 25 on it and a little start that goes along each day.  Think I might alter the star put David’s pic on it.  I just know he is going to love Christmas this year.  With our bigger house this year I am going all out and even got a mini tree for David and I to decorate to put into his bedroom on top of his dresser.

If you come to my house around Christmas bring an appetite becuase from 01 December I bake even more than normal and have gingerbread men, christmas sugar cookies, christmas mince Pies (going for a tropical fruit theme this year), and all sorts else.  I try and have Christmas music playing everyday especially from the start of the first of the 12 days of Christmas.

Richard is going to hang fairy lights along the front of our house, We are putting our big Christmas Tree in our family room with decorations all throughout every room of the house.  Going to try and work on a Christmas Reef for our door this year. 

What sort of Christmasy things do you do at your house?

Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts and comments.

Richard and I were struck down with a Stomach Flu and unfortunatly David got a bit of it but hopefully we are all getting better.  I still don’t have much of an appetitie.  But I will get there.

Well, must be off.  Dinner to plan and then Hen’s Party prep for Saturday.  Have to make 36-40 chocolate cupcakes tomorrow and will ice before the party and then put them in their little bags and decorate.  Take Care and thank you for all being so wonderful.  Have a great evening.


15 Responses to “First Christmas Decoration Purchases”

  1. Hannah said

    It’s such a shame that you had a tummy bug and missed out on the show, Debbie 😦 I’m glad you’re all feeling a bit better now.

    I love Christmas too and always get into the festive season in a big way. Unfortunately I never have as much time to do all the things I want to do – this time of year seems to be so busy with a thousand other things! But perhaps now is the time to start! We usually don’t put the tree up until 1 December, and then it’s all out from there. Maybe I’ll start a bit earlier this year.

    Your Christmas baking sounds soooo yummy – I also love to bake Christmas goodies for presents and just to have around the house for the holidays.

  2. Hannah said

    Oh, and I love the Christmassy header!

  3. Beverley said

    Love Christmas too. Might try to be more organised this year and get a few more things done. Yummm on your Christmas baking list – I’d be popping round if you didn’t live so far away!

  4. Rochelle said

    YAY, I’m excited about the approaching Christmas festivities too! 🙂 You Tropical fruit pies sounds delish. I might have to give it a go this year along with the old faves (I don’t see the family being very happy at missing out on their traditional yearly treats 🙂 Do share your fave recipes if you get a chance, it’s always nice to try someone elses take on Christmas regulars.

    Sorry to hear about the bug that got your family, hope you are all feeling 100% really soon!

    P.S Thanks for the inspiration to bake lemon muffins, they were just what I felt like and turned out lovely!

  5. scrappydo said

    I adore christmas too!! Your header reminds me that I should check out Mrs Claus’s blog – she kept a great one last year (and she uses the exact same blog background so you are in good company!)
    And your house sounds like a lovely place to be in December…. you might find me knocking 🙂

  6. Sharon said

    Hope you are feeling better!! I can’t even think about Christmas before we get past the big boy’s birthday (bad planning on our part). Sigh.

  7. ruthnz said

    wow, you’re on to it with all your Christmas preparations!

  8. Michelle said

    Ooohhh.. Love the Christmasy feel of your blog!!!

    I want cookies and gingerbreadman too!!!

    Hope you’re feeling much much better.

    See you soon!!!

  9. Penny said

    Mmmm love Christmas food too!

  10. Aww I wanna come to your house for Christmas, sounds fabulous.

    Hope you are all feeling better now.

  11. Mel said

    You’re making me feel all Christmassy! I too have started with Limoncello, lemon cordial and worcestershire sauce made. yesterday I put 7 dozen biscuits into the freezer. What are your sugar Christmas biscuits? Can you share the recipe?

  12. yaseennz said

    I’m another mushy christmas lover ;p We just have to have a ‘real’ tree, which reminds me better go tag one soon! I also love to decorate throughout the house. The fireplace in the lounge, and the kitchen dining windows have garlands around it as does some built in wooden cabinet. Christmas wreaths, stars, fairylights inside and out. I try not to bake much as I’m a terrible sweet tooth and just looking at cookies seems to result in weight but I’ll bake a few german x-mas favorites.

  13. Louise said

    I LURRRVVEE christmas, although I’m wondering how we’ll go this year with putting wrapped presents for the family under the tree as Joshie thinks anything wrapped up is for him! I re-wrapped my mums birthday pressie a number of times after he found it 🙂

    I think I’ll have to get my jaws wired shut before I come visiting again – one word for it – YUMMMEEEEEE (if it’s actually even a word but you get my gist)… Love the christmas header, might see if I can stick a Santa hat on the Squash and make mine a bit more festive too!

    Can’t do too much on the decorating front as we’re painting the house over summer and we don’t have room for much more than a smallish tree and some hanging cards and tinsel. But I always put the tree up on 1st December and try and drag the whole festive season out for as long as I possibly can!! HO HO HO

    Have a great hens night! x

  14. Mrs Frizz said

    Okay … you could say that I am relatively big on Christmas … well just a little and we aren’t far away from bringing down all the Christmas decorations from the ceiling … it takes quite some time to put them out on display. It takes DH a long time as well to hang all the Christmas lights outside … but it’s all fun … I guess you could say that I collect Christmas decorations.

    Love the sound of all that Christmas baking … hmmm … gingerbread men and mince pies with a nice cup of coffee …. hmmmm …. hmmmmm.

  15. Vicki said

    Another Christmas lover here too. We have a list a mile long of “traditions” that are done most years although they have changed a little as the kids have got older. It usually starts 1st Dec when the trees go up and am nearly there with the Christmas shopping. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! The baking is next on the list so please share some recipes.

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