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November 26, 2007

Firstly thank you for all your wonderful thoughts, I have passed these onto Lisa and she was overwhelmed.  Thank you from her.  Went up for a quick visit yesterday morning and she was so glad to see us especially David!  She is going as well as can be expected!  Going to be making some meals over the next few days to take over to them to help out.

Big hugs to Louise is unwell at the moment and I really hope that you get better real soon sweetie!

What else?  Well I am just loving, loving this summer weather.  Yesterday after lunch Richard decided to put up David’s big Christmas pressie early which is a Hill’s swing set and as we just need the ground to firm up a little more we have it in the back of our garage. Well, while Richard was putting this up David was running around and riding his bike all around the gravel driveway.  For the most part he was in bare feet and he loved it- his feet feel soft but he must be a good hardy boy to cope with the warm base gravel….I just loved seeing him riding his bike in his shorts, singlet top and hat with his little sandles on…..beautiful summer sight.  We also purchased 2 new burners for our BBQ as with this weather i am planning on having lots of BBQ’s.

Today we played and then decided we would catch the bus up to Manukau and go to Pumpkin patch and use up the credit that we had there.  Got some more shorts and t-shirts for the little man and also an outfit for him to wear for his Santa photos and for Christmas Day!  I will post a pic latter as they are soo cute!

As this coming Saturday is 01 December we will be putting up our Christmas tree and decorations and i will really start doing my Christmas baking….I still have 3 presents to get along with just a few little things for Christmas stockings etc!  Next week we will be getting David’s first photo with Santa.  Last year I was a bit upset as things just got too busy and we didn’t manage to get one but I got over that and am making the tradition from this year.  I am going to start wrapping Christmas pressies at night when the house is quiet and i can relax.  Just need to make Christmas tags to put on the gifts.    I just love Christmas and in my own way can be a bit of a Martha Stewart around this time.  If anyone is going to down Manukau way over the next month or so feel free to let me know and you are more than welcome to pop in.  As Hannah can testify we have a huge area for kids to play and for parents to relax!

A few of you have asked me to share some of my christmas baking recipies.  I would love to.  From tomorrow I will start sharing a receipie every day for the next week.  I have a huge file of recipies so if there is anything that you would like, let me know and I may well have it.

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening everyone!


Yay, it’s Friday!

November 23, 2007

I am so glad that it is Friday!  I am looking forward to a weekend with Richard and David something I haven’t really had over the past month.  I really enjoyed the Hen’s party, Queenstown, Wedding and CC07 but I am so glad to be getting back to some sort of normality.

Last Friday I headed down to Wellington for Crafting Connection and an awesome weekend of scrapping with Stacey Julian, Wendy Smedly, Renee Pearson and by no means least Nic Howard.  I am going to leave my post about Crafting Connection till over the weekend when i have my photos and photos of my completed projects.

My friend Lisa went into hospital on Wednesday for her Surgery.  It was 2 weeks ago today that she found the the tiredness and other symptoms that she was feeling was actually agressive breast cancer and she had the surgery for this on Wednesday.  She is doing as well as can be expected for what she has just been through.  They got as much as they could see and she should be all going well be coming home on Monday.  I sent in a huge bunch of flowers to this amazing woman this morning.  She isn’t up to visitors yet.  Her son Cort who some of you may have heard me talk about is 8 weeks old this Sunday and is over 1700 grams.  Way to go buddy!  I am so proud of you and can’t wait to have my first hug.  All going well he will be home for Christmas. It is going to be a hard time for this family especially in late December/January as their 7 year old will be off for the school holdiays, Cort will be home and Lisa will be going through Chemo.  Richard and I will be doing all we humanly can to help this amazing family.

Laddies please, please, please do regular breast checks……

What else?  Congrats to the new awesome SE Design Team, Janine, Hannah, Neen & Megan.  Amazing work and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Been out to spotlight this afternoon the amazing stuff the Kaiser Krafts are bring out for OTP projects is just amaizng.  Def well worth a look.

I have 3 Christmas orders currently.  1 for 3 9×9 callanders, 1 altered MDF letter and 2 ABC albums. Going to be a busy girl as I also have heaps of Christmas Pressies to make as well.

Well must be off.  Takeaways tonight either Italian Or Fish n Chips so must decide and then put an order in.  Take care and I will be back tomorrow.

Hi Everyone, I am back!  Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.  I would love to do Wedding Planning again I had lots of fun at times but never again Wedding Planner and Bridesmaid at the same time.  Just not going to happen.  I truly feel that I have negleted so much over the last couple of months but as of yesterday I have made a big list and I am going to slowly cross things off as I do them.

The Hen’s Party was awesome though a bit stressful at the start as we had been promised a house where we would just have to decorate and get food ready etc and not move furniture and clean as we went but not stressing about that now.

Most of you may know that inbetween the Hen’s Party and Wedding I headed down to Queenstown by myself for a few days.  Richard had said earlier to take some time to myself and I managed to find seats on grab a seat for $13 each way to Queenstown.  Originally we thought i had booked for December but know when looking at the confirmation in was right smack in the middle of everything.  I had an awesome time.  Relaxed, sightseed, met up with the wonderful Nik & Lara and had desert the second night at the Casino.  Here are a few pics

 This was the scene that greeted me looking out the window on the plane when we were nearly in Queenstown

Queenstown 1

I just couldn’t get over the colour of the water in Lake Wakatipu on my Earnslaw Cruise

Queenstown 3

This was the view from my Hotel Restaurant Window

Queenstown 2

Well, got home on Wednesday at 6.45 to find my wonderful boys waiting for me…Creped up on David who was sitting playing in his pram and when he saw me i got the biggest smile ever.

Next day it was packing a few things and organising in the morning for the wedding, then at 10am off to mainly music for David and I.  Where he decided that the stairs that were blocked up onto the Church Stage could be gotten up and managed to work his way up the side and onto the steps and up onto the Stage, i take him down and this continues about 3 times.  Then home for a very quick lunch and then out to Alberton House in Mt Albert for the Rehersal, then home with a stop on the way.

The next morning it was an early start as I had to get Richard and David to drop me off at the French Bay Yacht Club in Titirangi by 8.30am.  Setting up and then odd jobs over the afternoon.  Off to get Bride’s nails done, off to Bridesmaid’s house for the night and didn’t get to bed until midnight and then wide awake at 6am to the most gorgious morning ever.  Breakfast, pick up Bride’s mum off to get hair done.  So nice to get a head massage and sit down for a bit.  Then back to Bride’s house for make up.  Now if you ever need a Makeup Artist for a special occasion we had booked Joel who is a Mac make up artist – and OMG he made us look amazing.  So many times when I have got make up done they make me look pasty white, well as he said the green really came out in my eyes and i looked tanned and natural.

Then we got ready and then it was getting the bride ready, wedding cars arrive off to venue.  Ceremony was amazing and her dress just fit totally into the style of Alberton House which is part of the Historic Places trust.  90 mins of more photos and then off to the Yacht Club for a wonderful Evening.  We managed to tidy up and get out by midnight and then back by 10am the next morning to let Vendors in and then home to crash.

It was a wonderful time.  I have truly missed my scrapbooking.  I am off to Stacey Julian & Friends on Friday morning for the weekend.  I have had this booked since May.  I am flying in at about 11.30 and Jo is picking me up and I am staying at her place for 3 nights.  Including Stacey’s class at the Mega Crop on Friday night I am doing 9 classes.  I after 3 years of saying I must have not doing it I have not booked a Sunday 8.30am class.  Every other event that I have I have been a wreck and it has ruined it for the rest of the day.

What else.   A huge happy birthday to Michele T for last Wednesday and my best bud Louise for last Thursday.  You will have your pressies this week.  Michele you will be happy to know that at Auckland Dometic aiport they now have a Dunkin Donut Stand so guess what you will be getting.  Just email me your requests.  Also a huge Happy Birthday yesterday to Richard’s Granddad who turned 98. 

Other news – Richard and I took David yesterday to Plunket for his 21-24 month Plunket Check.  His weight is great at 13kg and he has grown 5 cm in the past 7 months.  One concern that we wanted to discuss what his words/speech or lack there of.  He babbles away and chats to us continuisly in his own way but he only has 5-6 words that we can understand compared to the 200 he should have by the time he is 2 years of age.  We don’t think there is anything wrong but just want to be reasured.  I understand that he is a boy and lots of boys don’t start to really talk until they are 2 or over.  One huge thing and advantage for him is he understands so much.  We have been refered to Early Intervention and Audiology though she thinks his hearing is fine she just wants to check it out.  She said we should get an appointment quite fast but the actual work after that there is a huge waiting list so we are going to look into maybe going Private if we need to once he has been accessed.   We are keeping a list of his words and things he understands and going to try more short sentances when talking to him and read to him more.   Any other suggestions would be greatly accepted.

Yes, I thought I would go ahead and change the blog header of my blog to make me fell more Christmasy….I just love, love, love Christmas.  While out today I purchased this awesome Felt Christmas Tree with 1 – 25 on it and a little start that goes along each day.  Think I might alter the star put David’s pic on it.  I just know he is going to love Christmas this year.  With our bigger house this year I am going all out and even got a mini tree for David and I to decorate to put into his bedroom on top of his dresser.

If you come to my house around Christmas bring an appetite becuase from 01 December I bake even more than normal and have gingerbread men, christmas sugar cookies, christmas mince Pies (going for a tropical fruit theme this year), and all sorts else.  I try and have Christmas music playing everyday especially from the start of the first of the 12 days of Christmas.

Richard is going to hang fairy lights along the front of our house, We are putting our big Christmas Tree in our family room with decorations all throughout every room of the house.  Going to try and work on a Christmas Reef for our door this year. 

What sort of Christmasy things do you do at your house?

Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts and comments.

Richard and I were struck down with a Stomach Flu and unfortunatly David got a bit of it but hopefully we are all getting better.  I still don’t have much of an appetitie.  But I will get there.

Well, must be off.  Dinner to plan and then Hen’s Party prep for Saturday.  Have to make 36-40 chocolate cupcakes tomorrow and will ice before the party and then put them in their little bags and decorate.  Take Care and thank you for all being so wonderful.  Have a great evening.