Live, love & Dream Life….

October 26, 2007

Tonight as I sit here and type this I am determined to live each and every day to it’s fullest….This week has been a hard week and I have been determined to get through it but 2 things happened this time last year that all of a sudden tonight have just taken their tole on me.

On the 25th October last year I got a urgent cell phone call from a friend while we were in Wellington to say that another friend’s prem daughter who had survied 5 months and 28 days after being born at 31 weeks had just passed away.  To top it off on the morning of her funeral on the 27th I had a knock on the door.  Our neighbour, the most wonderful inspirational mother to her children and wonderful friend had had a car accident 2 weeks prior and the knock on the door was her husband coming to tell me that she had passed away the night before.  So the 27th October will forever be a sad day in my life….The day we buried my friend’s little girl and the day that I found out that my good friend had passed away.  I am not wanting this to be a sad & morbid post but I just needed to get this down in writing instead of bottling it up…Richard has been great and we are looking after each other. 

I had the mother of the little girl here this afternoon and we have become even firmer friends.  Some of you may have heard me talk on the SE forum of a wonderful little boy called Cort that was born nearly 6 weeks ago at 24 weeks and 7 days.  Well, cutie pie Laine was and is his Big Sister.  Lisa, her 7 year old daugther and I sat on the sofa this afternoon and watched a video photo montage that she had just created of darling sweet Laine.

I just want to finish this post saying please give your kids and loved ones huge hugs and please remember to tell them even if it is one of those horrible days that you love them…Please never forget to say this!

I am going to sit here and try and do some scraping and see how that helps, as I find it very relaxing…

9 Responses to “Live, love & Dream Life….”

  1. Mummy moo said

    Hey honey,

    Just a reminder I am only am email away, tell Richard he is awesome and give David a hug just a little longer from me 🙂 Thinking of you I know how hard these days can be …..and good on you for taking some time out to scrap xoxo

    (Ps will reply tomorrow hopefully;0)

  2. yaseennz said

    *HUGS* yes some days are like that, forever marked and I think it’s ok to ‘feel’ them. Sending some aroha your way!

  3. Penny said

    Some days are red letter days. {hugs} Life is precious.

  4. Sharon said

    Never take anything for granted. So sorry to hear your sad news – sometimes life just seems to be full of it.

  5. Hannah said

    Sorry for your losses, Debbie. I’m sure today has been a difficult day for you but the reminder to hold onto what is precious is a good one for us all.

  6. Trina said

    Sorry to hear of your losses. No matter how many years pass, this day will always be sad for you. How could it not be? May you find peace in scrapping and remembering.

  7. Kelly said

    So sad that you have a day like this – sorry for your losses last year. And for your friends’ losses too. How neat though that you are remembering this with love, and surrounded by those that love you. You are so very right: life is precious. Thanks for reminding the rest of us. Take care.

  8. Louise said

    What a sad day for you honey, you didn’t tell me when we came to visit 😦

    Some days are reminders of how much we need to hug our children close… only an email/phonecall/hug away…

    Hope you’re feeling better too, and next week will be much better for you!

  9. Julie said

    Hey Debbie, huge hugs for you, what a sad sad day you had. Life is very precious. I hope things look up for you, take comfort in some special memories.

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