My little baby is no longer

October 23, 2007

my little baby he is growing up so fast and into a bigger boy.  David’s hair has been getting really long and still really curly but was getting way too hot for him.  We had decided that David and Daddy would take a trip in a couple of weeks to our hairdressers up the road and get their hair cuts together but after he came home from his carer’s today sweating and his hair stuck to his head Richard decided to get out the clippers and give him a number 4 then and there….I was okay until half way through holding him and then i really started to see how grown up he was getting and the tears started but didn’t want David to see them as he might start crying instead of giggling at the clippers…..Here is my big boy now.

I just can’t get over how fast he is growing…….

Thank you everyone for your comments about the curry.  I will type up the receipie this afternoon for everyone.  Just a short post this morning to show you my little boy.

11 Responses to “My little baby is no longer”

  1. Hannah said

    WOW!!!! What a huge difference!!! He looks so much older now and just as handsome!

  2. yaseennz said

    Isn’t it amazing what difference a hair can make? He’s still seriously cute though! But I know what you mean, I can still recall the same feelings you had when I remember Chris’s first cuts. Sheesh and that’s like 15 or 16 years ago 🙂

  3. Yvette said

    Must be the season of haircuts for the cute little blonde curly haired 2 year olds in NZ scrappy blog world. He looks so cute and yes a little boy. Makes your heart weep a little for the baby doesn’t it?

  4. Sharon said

    So funny how grown up they look with a smart new hair cut – he is a cutie 🙂

  5. Penny said

    Oh yeah – I remember the exact same feelings when my curly top had his first big boy cut! 😦 But he still looks cute 😉

  6. Trina said

    I had the same feelings too. Must be a Mum thing. LOL! Wow, doesn’t he look grown up. Awesome.

  7. Janine said

    he certainly is a little boy, wow I can see how he looks like you both in that photo!

  8. scrapbookessentials said

    What a cutie pie!!!! Max is only just starting to get curls so the novelty hasn’t worn off yet!!!

  9. Louise said

    I didn’t get upset at the hairdressers as I was too busy struggling with Joshie, but boy did it hit me hard later… I can’t run my fingers through his wee curls anymore!!

    David looks gorgeous as ever though, they gotta grow up sometime huh!!!

  10. ruthnz said

    I can see you in him!

  11. Lara said

    he looks like you!

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