Wow, where did that Labour Weekend go?

October 22, 2007

I truley do not know where the weekend went…One minute it was Friday afternoon and now it is Tuesday Morning and I am sitting here typing this and I find myself keeping on glancing to my left and looking out my studio window to the bush and the beautiful huge apple tree that is in full blossom at the moment that I spoke of the other day.

What did we get up to this weekend?  Decided to get the kitchen all organised and clean.  Put on a curry in our new crockpot courtesy of Fly Buys.  First thing I have ever gotten from Fly Buys.  While the boys went out to get me some more spices and veges i made some of my famous cheese scones and then started to get ready to go out.  The boys dropped me off at my friend’s place in New Lynn.  Had a great time looking at her wedding dress which she had just picked up from Aussie and then it was off to the Dressmakers to have our first fitting for our bridesmaid dresses, then off to do some more Wedding things and then home.  The curry was to die for.  I have been looking for a good standard beef curry recipie for ages and have finally found it.  Lots of ingreidents but not a hassle to make and really yummy.  Sunday dawned beautiful with blue skies and no clouds and then an hour latter the dark grey clouds came over and then it started to rain on and off.  It cleared up after awhile and then the old owner of this place and his dad and 2 kids came over to lay the rest of the top soil down…..Decided to try out some lemon muffins on them and a lemon barly drink and they all loved it.  Then off out to Botany for a bite to eat and to get a few things…The only trouble was we didn’t realise how late it was after 2pm and David turned into little Mr Grumpy pants in the food hall and then all around briscoes – As we were in NW he finally fell asleep so we walked around Botany some more to give him a chance for a nap.  We ended up purchasing from Cotton on Kids an awesome straw hat for David and a Navy Blue T-Shirt with White writing that says “Lock up your Daughter’s” – Oh so true.

Once we were home Mr Grumpy Pants turned back into our Happy little boy again….Indian again that night with the most awesome Tandori chicken that we buy from a Halal butchers in manukau…The cleanest most reasonable butcher’s we have seen for a long time.  For the second night in a row our house smelled like an Indian Restaurant.

Yesterday we heaed off first thing to Bunngings to get a large Noticeboard for my scraproom which will in the meantime be used at the Hen’s Party for old photos that I have gotten off the Bride’s mother, then off to Harvey Normans to get some photos printed.  Then off to Number 1 Shoe Warehouse where we got Richard some jandles, david some new gumboots, sandles and sneakers.  It always amazes me different brands and different sizes.  David’s gumboots are a size 7, sneakers size 9 and sandles a size 6??????????  Go Figure…Then off to spotlight to get candles for the wedding then home after a stop via the video shop and bakery.

Home and a mixture of an afternoon and then dinner, relaxing in the family room watching tv and then here we are.  Off to get more work done and amuse David….

Take care everyone and have a great day!


10 Responses to “Wow, where did that Labour Weekend go?”

  1. Louise said

    Hmmm your Indian sounds nice but would kill me – for some reason Indian totally disagrees with my crohn’s… I can totally relate to the size differences in shoes too!! Joshie veers anywhere from a 5 to a 9 depending on the make and where they’re made – Chinese ones are always way small!!

  2. Hannah said

    Sounds like a very busy weekend with lots of shopping and outings! Indian 2 nights in a row would be wonderful, I love Indian food.
    You’re not alone with the odd shoe sizes – Ethan is anything from a 9 to a 12 and Tyler anywhere from 7 to 10! Crazy! We learned the hard way not to buy shoes without trying them on 😉

  3. Rochelle said

    Sounds like a lovely weekend, even if it did go way to fast! 🙂 Hearing about your leamon muffins, I think I might go and bake a batch of some now. Good luck with the rest of your friends wedding prep, it is such a busy time! 🙂

  4. Beverley said

    Yummmm Indian – can you e-mail me the beef curry recipe? My current cooking skills involve adding a jar of pataks to the meat – so might have to go ingredients shopping…

  5. scrapbookessentials said

    I thought I had a busy weekend!!! Wish DH liked curry – I very rarely get to eat it as he is not a fan as simply can’t be bothered cooking for me!!! Not long until the wedding now!!!

  6. Penny said

    Yummy food 🙂 We eat lots of Indian food. You’ve had a busy weekend!

  7. Mrs Frizz said

    Wedding will roll around before you know … have fun …

    Curry … yep … wouldn’t mind if you were to share that recipe with me as well.

    Ta …

  8. Trina said

    I hear you about shoe sizes. As a teenager I used to work in a shoe shop and it never ceased to amaze me then or now.

  9. Janine said

    sounds like a great weekend Debs. Laughing at the different sizes, it’s def about the make isn’t it. Your curry sounds good, care the share the recipe?

  10. yaseennz said

    Woa you’ve been busy over the weekend.
    I love indian food! You might have to ‘publish’ the recipes in blogland;p That butcher in Manukau sounds great, Halal, where’s that?

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