Gorgious Day

October 19, 2007

but very cold.  Beautiful blue skies but really cold weather here today.  Poor David looking out the window wanting to go outside but with the bitter chil there was he wasn’t going out.

Just a quick entry tonight as I have dinner on at the moment.  Will write a longer entry in the morning.

Here are my DT entries.


11 Responses to “Gorgious Day”

  1. Penny said

    It has been a lovely day!

    I love that green in the layout – so many folks steer away from that colour but it’s one of my favourites. You’ve done a great job Debbie.

  2. Janine said

    love the big jig saw piece, cool OTP project. As Penny said you have done a great job Debs. I can tell you have put a lot of work into your entries 🙂

  3. Sharon said

    Lovely layouts Debbs 🙂

  4. rowanz said

    Love your bloom Lo and the smile grow one is gorgeous!
    Nice to ‘see you’ too and cant wait to meet you at CC.

  5. yaseennz said

    Gosh hasn’t it been sunny but chilly lately, still stormy outside today..
    Lovely Lo’s, bloom and pure love are my favs!

  6. Mrs Frizz said

    They are all gorgeous … loving the huge jigsaw puzzle frame – what an absolutely awesome idea …

    Love the green on your bloom layout as well – dimensional magic is it for the sparkle.

    You can be proud of all of your creativity Deb … well done!!!

  7. Hannah said

    You should definitely be proud of yourself and your entry, Debbie! Great stuff. I especially love the one of you and Richard. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Mummy moo said

    Love, love, love, and the big jigsaw frame is soooo cool!! You are so clever, just beautiful, and you should be super proud for being brave enough to put you foot out and submit, YAY!! 🙂

  9. scrapbookessentials said

    Great work Deb!! Some amazing colours there!!!! Love that jigsaw piece – could you email me where you got it – feel an OTP coming on!!!

  10. Trina said

    Beautiful Debbie. What a wonderful set of LO’s/OTP for your home.


  11. Louise said

    Yay Deb, I can see why you said it’s some of the best work you’ve ever done!! Awesome stuff, that jigsaw puzzle frame is soooo cool… gotta get me one of those! The pages you did were beautiful too, that Bloom page is particularly lovely…

    You shouldn’t give up submitting, your work really is very good and I can see how much it’s changed just in the last few months. Be proud girlie!!

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