Yay – DT submission all emailed through!

October 14, 2007

Yay I have just this minute finished typing up my bio – small that it is for scrapping and downsized photos and emailed everything through to Scrapbook Studio.  Yay, I can’t wait and am so excited as I love this shop and the staff who always reconise me when I come in. 

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and well wishes. 

With regards to the Farmers Market here is their website http://www.aucklandfarmersmarket.co.nz/index.html

Tried some of our purchases with dinner last night…the most awesome baby cob lettuce’s with lemon garlic aoli, rear beef and some italian flat bread – Mmmm yummy. 

The lemon tart went well, I think i did really well for my first ever attempt.  Will take a pic latter.  We didn’t try any last night as we wanted it cold from the fridge but did try the tinest bit this morning and it was yummy.  Cut a slice to take to Richard’s office manager who I have become great friends with and broke up with her partner last week so wanted to send her some sweetness to brighten her day.

Looking out my Scrap Room window I look out to the bush and an apple tree directly outside the window and it is starting to get covered in red leaves and beautiful apple blossoms.  So by Christmas we will have lots of plums and Apples.  Talking about apples, David decided he wanted an apple for morning tea and i got him one from one of the stalls, and low and behold by the time we got back to the car it was 3/4 gone.  Love that my son loves fruit.

Well, must be off we are going to head up the road for a walk and possibly have a walk around the Botantical Gardens with a hot chocolate in hand and then back home picking up a Herald on the way.  I have decided with trying to have more Me time I love reading the paper so am going to get one every morning and read it while i actually sit down and eat lunch.

Take care everyone and I will share pics of DT submission layouts when I can.

9 Responses to “Yay – DT submission all emailed through!”

  1. Hannah said

    The lemon tart sounds great. I have only made one once and it took a long time! I guess practice makes perfect though.

    It’s great that David loves fruit, Tyler is the same and would eat it all day if he could. It will be great to have fruit trees of your own, as it can be expensive to buy.

    Enjoy your walk around the gardens today. It’s a pretty nice day today, at least the wind has died down a *little*, it was very windy yesterday!!

  2. Penny said

    Good Luck!

    LOoooooooooove lemon tart!

  3. Janine said

    good lcuk Debs and me time is very important. Dinner soudned yummy!! Gotta love kids who love fruit, makes life very easy as they get older.

  4. yaseennz said

    Oh that dinner sounds deliscious as does the tarte, I love anything lemon!
    Good on you for making Me time and having little rituals to honour it is a great way to go!
    Best of luck for the DT comp!!!!

  5. Trina said

    Sending you big good luck vibes!

    My kids love fruit too. But funnily enough not the same fruit. Love that we have fruit trees in our yard now. Makes for lovely summer fruit time!

    As for your dinner/tart. Sounds divine. Hmmmm, I’m starving. Must think about dinner here.

  6. Sharon said

    Good luck for the DT!!

  7. Mummy moo said


    Will email you soon Can I have the tart recipe?? Sounds yummy yummy…….YAYAYAY go girl for entering the DT call you are awesome!!!!


  8. Louise said

    Yummmeeeeeee!! You are such an awesome cook, if I could cook that way I’d be twice the size I already am (and that’s not a good thing!!) 🙂

    thanks for the well wishes, we’re all finally on the mend here so we can get together again soon (if you get the time you busy thing!).

    Good luck to you too on the SSDT submission, I’m not feeling too confident after scooting through last years DT entries but I’ve done my best this year round… there’s always next year aye!?!

    David is such a cutie, Joshie and him are so alike – fruit is one of the few things I can get into my little man as well! You’ve got to take your camera to the Farmers Market – it’d make an awesome layout about your new family ritual!

  9. Mrs Frizz said

    Lemon tart – sounds absolutely divine …

    You will be able to put together a layout – looking out the window – could be very inspirational for you.

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